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Steve Boyko Reboot


I met a wonderful woman, Chrissie Franklin, through an Internet mailing list. At the time, she was living in the tiny town of Crystal City, Manitoba. We met in Montreal in the spring of 1998 and, after a series of meetings in various exotic cities like San Francisco and Regina, I convinced her to move here in May 2000. After a long and arduous road trip, we arrived at my house and she moved her stuff in. A few months later, it was quite obvious that the house was too small for all our stuff! (we're both pack rats)

So we moved into a new house in a new neighbourhood. After a year of living together, and getting along well, I asked her to marry me on June 13, 2001 and now we're married! The other significant event of that date was that I had my hair cut really short. I like to say that there were two important events that day. ;)

You can read her version of this story too.

I called this section Reboot because I feel I've started a new life, fresh and exciting and different.

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