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Steve Boyko Leaving Canada


My dad was posted to Belgrade, Yugoslavia, so the whole family went with him.

I don't remember much about this, except for visiting Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia; being flown to CFB Lahr in West Germany to get my tonsils taken out; and climbing the hill to the Acropolis in Greece. That's a big hill for a youngster.

Departing for Yugoslavia Angela and I with our dog
Angela and I departing for Yugoslavia. Angela and I with our dog, Sandy.
Front of house Our backyard
The front of our duplex - we're on the left. I assume that's our vehicle I'm standing on. In the backyard with Angela. I remember we grew pumpkins back there. Angela could always find a four-leaf clover there.
Goofing around Dubrovnik
A bunch of clowns in front of our garage door. It was Angela's birthday. I'm the guy with the purple tie and Angela is in the bottom right. The blonde girl on the left is Amy Hutson, who coincidentally was in Moscow the same time we were in 1977-79. I don't know who the rest of the gang were! Dubrovnik, a beautiful city on the Adriatic Sea - at least until it was shelled during the whole Bosnia-Serbia thing.
Parthenon Athens, baby!
The famous Parthenon in Athens, Greece. My mom, me, Angela, and some woman at the Parthenon.
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