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I attended university at the University of New Brunswick, to get a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science (or BSc(CS), if you like acronyms). At the time, Computer Science was a School; I'm happy to say that it has grown up and is a full faculty.

I missed using punch cards by a year, I'm glad to say. At the start, we used an IBM 3081 mainframe, which was upgraded to a 3090 during my stay there. The user interface we used were either IBM terminals or ASCII terminals (neither of which were that appealing) running VSPC, a pretty brain dead command line interface. Later on, we used an AS/400 running MUSIC, and PCs on a primitive LAN called JANET (from the University of Waterloo). Heady stuff.

UNB is a lovely campus, with lots of trees. The only problem with it is that it's built on a hill, which makes for a lot of walking up and down hills. I spent my first few years hanging around the Student Union Building ("SUB") playing Euchre, Hearts and other card games. Later, I was a student consultant and hung around that room with the other nerds.

I was a co-op student, meaning that I went to work on alternating four-month terms. All of my work terms were spent with NB Power, the provincial electric power utility, where I worked for 20 years. I worked two terms in the head office, one term in our nuclear plant, Point Lepreau, and two more terms in head office. It paid the bills, and it was valuable work experience.

I graduated on May 25, 1989 with an A average.

The guilty crew Looking in...
While I was working in Saint John, my erstwhile friends painted my room pink. Here they are at work... And here I am about to discover their dastardly deeds.

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