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Steve Boyko Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of questions that have been, or might be, asked about me, just so you know.

Vital Statistics

  • am 5' 8 1/4" tall (173 cm)
  • weigh approximately 175 lbs.
  • have light brown hair, less of it every day!
  • have (two) green eyes (that many say are blue)

Are You Married?

YES!!! I married a wonderful woman,
Christine Boyko (nee Franklin), on March 30 2002.

I was previously married once.


Do You Have Any Children?

Yes!! My first is Nicholas (Nick), born in late 1995. He's already taller than I am.

My second child is my daughter, Lauren, born in 2003. She's such a smart, lovely redhead.

My third and final child is my son, James (Jamie), born in 2006. He's quite a character.


Do You Have Any Brothers Or Sisters?

I have one sister, Angela Boyko and one half-sister, Mary-Anne Janewski.


Where I Live

I live in the southern part of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

My first house was a small two-bedroom house in Upper Kingsclear, outside Fredericton. I sold it in November 2001. Here are some photos of my first house

We moved into my second house in 2000. Here are photos of my second house.

We had our third house built in 2004.


My Pets

I had two cats, Pippin and Spook, but they are no longer with me.


Where I Work

I work for ADM Systems Engineering Ltd.. I am the Winnipeg office. ;)

I used to work at NB Power, the provincial power utility. My job title was "Information Technology Specialist - Generation", which means I did stuff with computers for the Generation business unit.

My job involved several different tasks:

  • Technical contact, chief bottlewasher, etc. for PI historian systems from OSI Software;
  • System administrator for Sun workstations ("WEStations") in two of our plants;
  • System administrator, programmer, chief bottle-washer for four performance monitoring PCs ("Heat Rate PCs") in our Coleson Cove and Dalhousie plants (these PCs measure how efficiently the plant is being run);
  • System administrator for the Praut machines (Bull DPS-6000 minicomputers) for our Millbank and Sainte Rose gas turbine plants;
  • C programmer for a number of tasks;
  • General computer guru.
It was a good job, with lots of variety. I really consider myself a programmer, because that's what I like doing most.


The Car I Drive

I drive a 2014 Honda Civic.

My first car was a 1989 Chevrolet Cavalier that I purchased on December 11, 1989. I sold it in September 1999 with a little over 311,000 km on it and the new owner drove it for over 40,000 km before it finally died. It was a great little car.

My second car was my beautiful red 1999 Saturn SL1. I donated it in early 2014 after more than 14 years of good service.

We also bought a Kia Sedona van in 2004 to haul the kids around, and traded it in in 2011 for a Honda Odyssey... a much better van.


What Do You Wanna Do With Your Life?

I wanna rock!

(apologies for the Twisted Sister reference) I know it sounds pretty lame, but I want a pleasant, cheerful life with a lot of happiness.


How Do I Ask A New Question?

That's easy! Just
e-mail me! I'll be glad to answer, and add it to this FAQ.


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