CN Car Control Manual – 1983/10 – Moncton, Saint John, Oromocto etc.



This book is for the information and guidance of Yardmasters, Yardmen, Foremen,
Enginemen, Conductors and Yard Office staff. It is the property of the Railway
and is to be returned on request.






General Superintendent Transportation

Moncton, N.B

October, 1983

Page 2


Title Page 1
Contents 2
Introduction 3
Purposes 4
How Car Control Works 4
General Procedures
A – Switch Lists 5
B – Marking of Switch Lists 8
C – Special Handling Description 13
Zone W – Moncton East End & Wharf Track 15-18
Zone S – Lower Yard 19-21
Zone P – M.I.D. & PM 22-23
Zone F – Franklin Spur 24-25
Zone FM – M.I.D. 26-27
Zone K – Killam Drive Shop 28-29
Zone JS – Reclaim Yard 30-31
Zone N – Moncton Shops 32-34
Zone V – V.I.C. 35-37
Zone LD – Dry Dock & Ind. Spur 38-40
Zone LG – Gilberts Lane – Long Wharf 41-44
Zone LS – Gilberts Lane – Brockville 45-49
Zone LW – Courtenay Bay Spur 50-53
Zone LE – Sussex Sub. (West) 54-57
Zone C – Sussex Sub. (East) 58-60
Zone B – Havelock Sub. 61-62
Zone J – Oromocto Sub. 63-70
Zone KN – Nashwaak Sub. 71-78
Zone NN – Centreville Sub. 79-82



The instructions contained in this manual will govern operations in the territory under
Car Control. All personnel affected by the Car Control program are expected to familiarize
themselves with these instructions and are required to have a copy available while on duty.

Special or supplementary instructions will be issued by proper authority when required.

For the System to work, all car moves or changes in condition must be recorded and reported
to car control. All reports must be based on the designated spins numbers shown on the
attached schematic maps. Since demurrage
bills will be set on information submitted, all reports must be correct especially time of
“placements”, “constructive placements”, and “set-offs”.

The Car Control Centre is the main contact for customers to order cars, release cars or
arrange placement. Toll free telephone facilities are provided for this contact. When
customers arrange car moves, full details of the request and the person making the request
must be recorded for reference should there be a demurrage dispute or other complaint.



For better yard and siding control by rapid and accurate listings of car locations and conditions.

For better service to customers through prompt placement and removal of loads and empties.

For better utilization of cars and public siding through prompt car movement and faster collection
of empties after release.

For improved and up-to-date records of car placements and movements.


The Carload Centre maintains a computer inventory of every car on all tracks and sidings within its
territory, i.e., “Yard Inventory System”.

Information pertaining to a change in each car’s status and location is transmitted to the computer
as the event occurs.

Current computer car records are used to prepare switch lists and other documents for yard and
train operations.



1. The Yard Foreman & Conductors will receive one or more copies of each switch list depending on requirement.

a. The hard-back copy must be completed & returned to the Car Control section or designated location.

b. The paper copies can be discarded after the switching has been performed.

2. Switch lists will contain cars which must be handled. The lists will show where the cars are to be taken from
and where they are to be placed at.

3. Each customer or yard track is assigned a zone, track, & spot number which is defined by the
acronym “SPINS”.

a. The zone is made up of two positions as follows:

(i) An alphabetic & a numeric character, or,

(ii) Two alphabetic characters.

b. The track number is always two positions numeric.

c. The spot or spot range can be either numeric or alphabetic and may identify certain
special switching instructions.

(i) The following SPOT indications are to identify specific switching instructions:

00 [infinity] – Car left on or to be left on the lead

90 – Place cars any order

91 – Place car at 1st special unloading area from North or East end of track

92 – Place car at 2nd special unloading area from North or East end of track

93 – For local application as required

94 – For local application as required

95 – Place car at open area where not possible to identify spot number

96 – Place car at storage area of track

97 – Place car at Team Track area of track

98 – Industry will furnish list

99 – Place car on stop block

(ii) Double alphabetic spot characters will identify Team Track Customers with the exception of any spot starting
with character “X” which is used for special computer processing.

4. To assist in train make-up of outbound or through traffic, a three digit number is used to identify such
traffic and is identified by the acronym “TAG” number.

(a) The 980-999 TAG series is used to identify “Car Handling Required” for cars located at a line station
as outlined below:

Number Car Handling Required
980 Bring Car to Terminal
981 Send/Take Car North
982 Send/Take Car South
983 Send/Take Car West
984 Send/Take Car East
985 Leave Car at Junction
987) Local Meanings
989 Bring Car to North or West Terminal
990 Bring Car to South or East Terminal
991 Pull Car, Leave on Passing Track to move North
992 Pull Car, Leave on Passing Track to move South
993 Pull Car, Leave on Passing Track to move West
994 Pull Car, Leave on Passing Track to move East
995 Pull Car, Leave at Junction
997) Local Meanings


1. a. Cars not in the track

If a car appears on the switch list, but is not in the track indicated and cannot be found
elsewhere, stroke that car off the list by putting a line through it.

b. Cars not moved as instructed

If a car is moved to a track other than the one shown on the
switch list, or for some reason it is a “throw back” to the track it came out of:

(i) Cross out the track number where the car should have gone.

(ii) Write in the track number where the car was left and the reason.

c. Repetitive Information

Where the track number or the same place or pull times can be used against a list of cars:

(i) Check marks may be used for repetitive information, but should be distinct.

(ii) A vertical line may be used for repetitive information, but should be distinct.

      (iii) DO NOT USE ditto marks (“).

d. Returning Switch Lists to Car Control Section

(i) The marked hard-back copy of switch lists must be returned to the Car Control section.

(ii) Any switch lists prepared manually by the Yard Foreman and those supplied by
Industries must also be forwarded to the Car Control section.

e. Identification on Switch Lists

The Yard Foreman must sign each switch list prior to returning it to the Car Control section.

f. Maintaining Sequence of Yard Tracks

In order to provide switch lists of yard tracks in sequence listing, it will be
necessary for the Foreman to advise the Car Control Section of the order in which cars were handled.

(i) If the cars are switched from the opposite direction to that shown on the switch list,
this should be noted on the lists.

(ii) If the track is switched in more than one cut, the cuts should be identified by
drawing a line across the page and shown as “Cut 1”, “Cut 2”, etc.

      (iii) If cars are thrown back on the original track or temporarily held out to
facilitate the switching and it disrupts the sequence, the Car Control section must be notified of what happened.

g. Reporting Work Completed

In order for Car Control to keep up to date and be prepared to provide switch
lists for other crews as soon as required, it will be necessary to report some moves upon their completion even
though the Foreman records the track number on his switch list.

(i) The Foreman working within train yards will inform the Car Control
section of what he has done, on completion of each list.

(ii) The Foreman bringing cars in from Industrial Zones to train yards will inform
the Car Control section as to where the cars were left or what switching was performed with these cars.

(iii) The Foreman will indicate the reasons for not performing assigned switching
on the appropriate car line of the switch list; i.e., gates locked, truck blocking track, dirty car, etc.

2. Train Yard Procedures

a. Switching Not Completed

If for any reason work assigned on the switch list cannot be completed:

(i) Draw a horizontal line after the last car handled.

(ii) Draw a bracket to cover the list of cars not handled and write “NOT HANDLED”.

(iii) If the cars not handled are left in a track other than the one shown
on the switch list, show the new track number where the cars were left.

3. Industrial Zone Procedures

a. Cars spotted for loading/unloading

(i) Show the time car was placed.

(ii) If the car was placed at a location other than that shown in the
“Place At” field of the switch list:

(a) Draw a line through the SPINS where the car should have gone.

            (b) Write in the new track where the car was spotted.

b. Loads and Empties Pulled from Siding

(i) Show the time car was pulled.

(ii) If the car was not brought to the train yard, show the SPINS
where car was left.

c. Cars Constructively Placed or Placed Off Spot

(i) Draw a line through the SPINS where the car should have gone.

(ii) Write in the new track (SPINS) where the car was left.

(iii) Show the time placement attempt was made.

(iv) Give a short explanation of why the car could not be spotted,
e.g., gates locked, frozen switch, etc.


If the car was left “off spot” on the track where it should have been
left disregard (i) and (ii) above; write the words “off spot” and the reason.

d. Cars and Request Moves Now Shown on Switch Lists

If a car is moved and it does not appear on the switch list, record the car moved
either on the switch list supplied, or on a separate form showing:

      (i) Car Initials and Numbers

(ii) Load/Empty Status

(iii) Track (SPINS) taken from

(iv) Time Pulled/Placed

(v) Track (SPINS) where placed

This also applies to customer requests to move a car, which was placed for loading or
unloading, to another “spot” on the same track or to another “track” within his plant.


CAN Reject Car – Either Unsuitable Contents or Cancelled
COM Placard Group 5 – Flammable 3.3
CRP Caution – Residual Phosphorous
DAM Dangerous
DIM Dimensional Load
DNH Do Not Hump
FE Front End Car (Next to Engine)
H__ Heating, Venting, Icing Instructions
HTR Heater(s) in Empty Car
KMR Keep Mechanical Refrigeration Running
LHV High Value Load
L__ Livestock Last Loaded Data
MAR Special Marshalling required (cannot be marshalled bearing SCH special handling)
MIC Messenger in Charge
MRE Mechanical Refrigeration
OHC Operating Heating/Cooling Device
PBC Perishable in Box Cars
PFG Poison Gas Flammable
PLT Partially Loaded Tank Car
POG Poison Gas
P__ Pool Number
RAM Radio Active Material
RE Rear End Car (handle next to caboose)
REJ Reject Car – Either Placed Wrong Location or Unfit for Loading
SCH Single cut hump shove to rest this car and following car (applies to cars containing
compressed flammable gas)
SPD Special Dangerous – 35 MPH – CTC Order R-32791
UOS Unload from one side
V__ Venting Instructions
WTB Weight on Track & Bridges (High-Weight)
XPL Explosive
___ May also contain free form special handling instructions or Car Distribution Instructions



Spins Designation Usable Footage
W011 Wallace Warehouse Cartage 390
W012 Eastern Bakeries Ltd. 135





Spins Designation Usable Footage
W026 Lockhart Woodworkers Ltd. 250
W0320A Reed Co. Ltd. )
W0320B Sumner Co. Ltd. ) 965
W0320C Vacant )
W033 Moncton Cold Storage 155
W0350A Vacant )
W0350B Vacant ) 500
W0350C Moncton Lumber Co. )
W0360A Thorne’s Hardware 300
W0360B Shell Canada Ltd. 190
W037 Irving Oil Co. Ltd. 470





Spins Designation Usable Footage
S001 Station Track No. 1 1885
S002 Station Track No. 2 1795
S003 Station Track No. 3 1615
S004 Station Track No. 4 1295
S005 Station Track No. 5 1295
S010 Express Storage Track 1130
S011 Express Storage Track 1010
S012TT Moncton Cargo-Flo Term. 820
S014TT Team Track 530
S015 Containers 290
S016 Containers 290
S017 Crane Track 250
S018 Short Dead End 200
S019 Long Dead End 285
S020 Platform 410
S021 Shed Track 570
S027 Hole 455
S028 Runaround 455
S032 Harkema Forwarding Ltd. 895
S036TT Public Ramp Track 650
S037 Vacant 215
S038TT Public Ramp Track 285
S039 Piggyback Track 230
S0400A Lanes Bakeries ) 400
S0400B Moncton Ice Co. )
S051 Support Yard No. 1 950
S052 Support Yard No. 2 880
S053 Support Yard No. 3 850




Spins Designation Usable Footage
S054 Support Yard No. 4 825
S055 Support Yard No. 5 935
S056 Support Yard No. 6 875
S057 Support Yard No. 7 880
S058 Support Yard No. 8 900
S059 Support Yard No. 9 905
S060 Support Yard No. 10 910
S061 Support Yard No. 11 865
S062 Support Yard No. 12 945
S065 CN Automobile Ramp 350
S066 Auto Haulaway Co. Ramp 590
S067 Auto Haulaway Co. Ramp 765
S068 Auto Haulaway Co. Ramp 760
S079 CN Fuel & Mail Container 1265
S080 Runaround 1130
S081 Coach Yard No. 1 1015
S082 Coach Yard No. 2 950
S083 Coach Yard No. 3 835
S085 Coach Yard No. 5 625
S086 Coach Yard No. 6 535
S087 Pit Track 320
S088 Storage Track 320
S089 Storage 470
S090 CNT Equipment 155
ML00 Marsh Lead 7450



ZONE “P” & “PM”


Spins Designation Usable Footage
P0110A Service Track West ) 955
P0110B Service Track West )
P012 Atlantic Wholesalers 600
P013 General Foods Ltd. 540
P014 Moncton Hardware – Halliday 470
P017 Domtar Pkg. Ltd. 500
P019 Domtar Pkg. Ltd. 370
P020 Uniroyal Ltd. 510
P0210A Johnson Wax ) 795
P0210B Price Wilson Ltd. )
PM30 Sonoco (Doors 8-17) & Sealy Mattress (Door 1 & 2) 595
PM37 Robin Hood Multifood Ltd. 315
PM38 Vacant 115
PM40 Crystal Beverages Ltd. 300
PM41 Cassidy Imbrex Ltd. 185
PM42 Brunswick Glass – Lamilite Ltd. 395
PM43 Modern Warehousing Ent. Ltd. 270
PM44 NB Wire Fence Co. Ltd. 115
PM45 Eastern Reinforcing Co. 75
PM46 Seaway Distributors 500
PM47 Seaway Distributors 500
PM50 Westburne Ind. Ent. 485
PM51 Consumer Glass Doors 1-2-3 ) 235
PM51 A.P. Parts Door 4 )
PM54 Sumner Co. Ltd. 435





Spins Designation Usable Footage
F039 Passing Track 3310
F040 Main Line 4060
F041 Franklin Yard No. 1 3810
F042 Franklin Yard No. 2 3615
F043 Franklin Yard No. 3 3670
F044 Franklin Yard No. 4 3420
F045 Franklin Yard No. 5 3790
F046 Franklin Yard No. 6 3325
F047 Franklin Yard No. 7 3050
F048 Franklin Yard No. 8 300
F049 Runaround 600
F070 Firestone Tire Co. 1000
F074 General Motors 435
F076 Chrysler Corporation 380
F078 Goodyear Tire Co. 295
F080 Vacant 105
F085 Kraft Foods 135
F090 Moncton Hardware 360
F091TT Team Track 270






Spins Designation Usable Footage
FE20 Runaround 1140
FD20 Tim Horton 140
FE10 Schenker Warehousing 705
FE11 Schenker Warehousing 705
FE12 Fiberglass Canada Ltd. 420
FE13 Fiberglass Canada Ltd. 420
FE14 Fiberglass (Tanks) 250
FE25 Twin Pak 800
FM02 Bristol Myers (Tanks) 160
FM03 Bristol Myers (Boxes) 600
FM06 Canfor 250
FM08 Kuehne & Nagel 350
FM12 Various (See below) 605
Door 1 G.S.W. Pump Div.
Door 2 Morrow Co. Ltd.
Door 3-5 A.C. Wild
Door 6 Groulx Robertson
Door 7-8 Vacant
Door 9-10 Handleman Co. Cda. Ltd.
Door 11-15 Vacant
Door 16-17 Atlantic Bridge Co.
FM14 Various (See below) 630
Door 1-3 Wesco
Door 4-5 Texaco
Door 6-7 Glidden
Door 8 Stirling Tea & Coffee
Door 9-13 General Tire
FM16 Runaround 915
FM17 Lead 915
FM20 Various (See below) 300
Door 1-2 McMillan Blodelle
Door 3 Cotts Beverage
Door 4-6 G. Weston
FM22 Howell Forwarding 300
FM25 Seaway Storage 840
FM26 Seaway Storage 840





Spins Designation Usable Footage
K009 Training Building Siding 435
K010 Killam Drive Shop No. 5 800
K011 Killam Drive Shop No. 4 580
K012 Killam Drive Shop Storage 490
K013 Killam Drive Shop 360
K014 Killam Drive Shop 795
K015 Killam Drive Shop No. 3 Side & End Ramp 265
K016 Killam Drive Shop Side Ramp 505
K017 Killam Drive Shop 385
K018 Killam Drive Shop 460
K019 Killam Drive Shop 700
K020 Killam Drive Shop 365





Spins Designation Usable Footage
JS21 Rail Yard No. 1 Scale 1485
JS22 Rail Yard No. 2 2775
JS23 Rail Yard No. 3 2775
JS24 Rail Yard No. 4 2695
JS25 Scaffold 440
JS26 Rail Yard No. 6 380
JS27 Rail Yard No. 7 925
JS28 Rail Yard No. 8 2070
JS29 Rail Yard No. 9 175
JS30 Rail Yard No. 10 1395
JS31 Rail Yard No. 11 1190
JS32 Rail Yard No. 14 – Runaround 625
JS35 Rail Yard No. 12 1105
JS36 Rail Yard No. 13 920
JS37 Rail Yard No. 15 1775
JS38 Rail Yard No. 16 – Service Track 1825
JS39 Dump 845
JS40 Timber Track 1040
JS41 Dump 185





Spins Designation Usable Footage
N000 Main Line 2920
N0010B Storage #1 Bel. Walk 835
N0020A Storage #2 Above Walk ) 2730
N0020B Storage #2 Bel. Walk )
N0030A Storage #3 Above Walk )
N0030B Storage #3 Bel. Walk )
N0040A Storage #4 Above Walk )
N0040B Storage #4 Bel. Walk )
N005 Storage No. 5 1110
N006 Storage No. 6 710
N007 Storage No. 7 1090
N008 Storage No. 8 85
N009 Storage No. 9 1025
N010 Old No. 11 290
N011 Freight Car Shop 285
N012 Freight Car Shop 950
N013 Freight Car Shop 1335
N014 Freight Car Shop 1225
N015 Freight Car Shop 1320
N016 Freight Car Shop 1175
N017 Transfer Table Track 815
N018 Power House 440
N019 Stores 250
N020 Sand Blast House 335
N021 Bet. Shops Wheel Track 1195
N023 Iron Store 100
N025 Cab & Tender Shop 405
N026 Cab & Tender Shop 355
N027 Cab & Tender Shop 355
N029 Boiler Shop 260
N030 Boiler Shop 250
N032 Diesel Shop Pit No. 1 200
N033 Diesel Shop Pit No. 2 200
N034 Diesel Shop Pit No. 3 200




Spins Designation Usable Footage
N035 Diesel Shop Pit No. 4 200
N040 Diesel Shop Pit No. 17 400
N041 Diesel Shop Pit No. 18 405
N042 Diesel Shop Pit No. 19 385
N043 Diesel Shop Pit No. 20 245
N044 Runaround (N. Main Trk.)
N045 Dead Engine Trk. No. 1 455
N046 Dead Engine Trk. No. 2 455
N050 Lumber Yard 420
N055 Lumber Yard Storage 245
N056 Paint Shop 350
N060 Lumber Yard Storage 300
N061 Behind Paint Shop 695
N062 Transfer Table 500
N065 Paint Shop Storage 500
N066 Paint Shop Storage 500
N067 Paint Shop No. 1 305
N068 Paint Shop No. 2 275
N069 Paint Shop No. 3 210
N070 Paint Shop No. 4 210
N071 Paint Shop No. 5 310
N072 Paint Shop No. 6 310
N073 Paint Shop No. 7 300
N074 Paint Shop No. 8 300
N080 Wheel Lift Crane Trk. 215
N081 Wheel Lift 395
N082 Next to Wheel Lift 155
N083 Oil Store 270
N087 Casting Yard 245
N090 Casting Yard 295
N095 Canadian Liquid Air 135
N098 No. 5 Supply Depot 90
N099 No. 5 Supply Depot 80
N075 Shop Stores 500





Spins Designation Usable Footage
V010 Imperial Oil Ltd. 295
V012 Maritime Forwarding 220
V013 Maritime Forwarding 210
V014 Reid Lumber Ltd. 290
V020 Moncton Tomato Co. 95
V021 K. Smith Co. 60
V022 Canfor Ltd. 170
V024 Vacant 120
V0260A Maritime Farm Supply ) 370
V0260B Guildfords Ltd. )
V050 Atlantic Speedy Propane 160
V0550A Environment Protection Services ) 400
V0550B Environment Protection Services )
V0550C Webster & Sons Ltd. )
V0550D Maritime Farm Supply )
V056 Vacant 250
V059 Moncton Foundry 50
V061 Vacant 130
V063 Maritime Co-op 85
V065 Maritime Co-op 1100
V0660A Canadian Petrofina )
V0660B Vacant )
V0660C Emco Plumbing Supply ) 375
V0660D B.F. Goodrich Can. Ltd. )
V0660E B.F. Goodrich Can. Ltd. )




Spins Designation Usable Footage
V069 Vacant 140
V079 Butt Weld 1000
V081 Butt Weld 585
V082 Butt Weld 1530
V083 Butt Weld 1640
V084 Butt Weld 1755
V085 Butt Weld 2070
V0900A Alsco Maritimes Ltd. )
V090TT Team Track ) 180
V095TT Team Track 1115
V096 Muirhead Fwd. Co. 345
V097 St. Lawrence Cement 555





Spins Designation Usable Footage
LD9 J. D. Irving 565
LD10TT End Ramp Team Track 205
LD16 Canada Packers – Meats 370
LD18 Domkraft Ltd. 385
LD19 Flintcote 595
LD20 New Siding (Storage) 1060
LD28 Atlantic Speedy Propane 105
LD36 Gulf Oil Canada (B.A. Oil) 150
LD37 Texaco 220
LD38 Irving Oil 185
LD39 Irving Oil 675
LD46 Saint John Dry Dock 145
LD49 Irving Refinery 440
LD50 Irving Refinery 420
LD51 Irving Refinery 420
LD52 Willett Fruit 360
LD53 Willett Fruit 620
LD54 Rothesay Paper 2130
LD55A Runaround 1625
LD55B Runaround 1625
LD56 Likely Cement 950
LD59 Irving Sulphite 280
LD60 Amca 130
LD61 Guilford 160
LD62 Maritime Warehouse 300
LD63 Schurman Ltd. 290
LD65 Dominion Metal 200
LD68 Rothesay Paper 325
LD72 Brooke Bond (Lindsay) 305
LD75 Canron 160
LD80 Mulco 190
LD95 Nova Stran 220
LD96 Atlantic Metal 115
LD97 Runaround 900
LD98 End of Spur 100






Spins Designation Usable Footage
LG9 Storage 1225
LG10 Storage 1120
LG11 Storage 1095
LG12TT Team Track 1095
LG13 Team Ramp 515
LG14TT Team Track 250
LG15 Piggyback 150
LG16TT Team Track 665






Spins Designation Usable Footage
LG60 Long Wharf – Face Track 1275
LG61 Long Wharf – Inside Track 1275
LG62 Long Wharf – Track 1 Behind Shed 300
LG63 Long Wharf – Track 2 Behind Shed 300
LG64 Long Wharf – Track 3 Behind Shed 885
LG65 Long Wharf – Tail Track 850






Spins Designation Usable Footage
LS6 Old Coal Pocket 3 665
LS7 Old Coal Pocket 2 530
LS9 Roundhouse 7 250
LS11 Lead Track 300
LS12 Diesel Track 260
LS13 Roundhouse Track 545
LS14 Auto Ramp 200
LS15 Auto Ramp 200
LS16 Wood Track 200
LS17 Roundhouse Track 235
LS18 Roundhouse Track 125
LS19 Van Track 650
LS20 Shop Track 1040
LS21 Shop Track 1040
LS22 Hold Track 570
LS23 Cleaning Track 840
LS25 Dimensional Loads 820
LS26 Storage 1250
LS31 Park 1 2265
LS32 Park 2 2495
LS33 Park 3 2025
LS34 Park 4 (Scale Track) 1830
LS35 C.P.R. Interchange 765
LS36 Hold Track 825





Spins Designation Usable Footage
LS37 Park 5 (C.P.R. Interchange) 1650
LS38 Park 6 (C.P.R. Interchange) 1650
LS39 Park 7 1255
LS40 Park 8 1150
LS41 Park 9 840
LS42 Park 10 840
LS43 Park 11 840
LS44 Park 12 1280
LS45 Park 13 1175
LS46 Park 14 950
LS47 Park 15 740
LS48 Park 16 740
LS49 Park 17 2350
LS50 Park 18 2350
LS52 Old Main Line 3980
LS53 Passenger Main Line







Spins Designation Usable Footage
LS55 Station Siding 460
LS56 Crosby Molasses 470
LS57 Crosby Molasses 150
LS59 Can. Water Supply 300
LS61 Sortin Yard 1 4210
LS62 Sortin Yard 2 4160
LS63 Sortin Yard 3 4060
LS64 Sortin Yard 4 3925
LS65 Sortin Yard 5 2320
LS66 Sortin Yard 6 2320
LS67 Sortin Yard 7 2320
LS68 Sortin Yard 8 2320
LS69 Sortin Yard 9 2320
LS70 Sortin Yard 10 2320
LS71 Sortin Yard 11 2320
LS72 Sortin Yard 12 2320
LS73 Sortin Yard 13 2320
LS74 Sortin Yard 14 2320
LS75 Sortin Yard 15 2320
LS76 Ethel/Dupont 3160
LS77 Storage 3855
LS78 Storage 3855
LS81 McKay Forest Products 820
LS83A Ocean Steel 250
LS83B Strescon 310
LS83C Stairs 380
LS84 Abe Levine 740
LS85 Weldwood/Rothpaper 635
LS86 Weldwood/Rothpaper 470
LS87TT Coldbrook Team Track 395
LS88 Canfor 640
LS89 J. Ritchie 290
LS91 Brookville (Storage) 260
LS92 Brookville Mfg. Co. 490
LS93 Brookville Mfg. Co. 1085
LS94 Brookville Mfg. Co. 840






Spins Designation Usable Footage
LW17 Lockhart 280
LW18 N.B. Publishing Co. 185
LW21 Courtenay Yard 1 4200
LW22 Courtenay Yard 2 2690
LW23 Courtenay Yard 3 2690
LW24 Potash Unloading Site 400
LW30 Sambo Siding 910







Spins Designation Usable Footage
LW41 Atlantic Sugar Refinery 150
LW42 Atlantic Sugar Refinery 60
LW43 Atlantic Sugar Refinery Outward Loading 295
LW44 Atlantic Sugar Refinery Outward Loading 330
LW45 Atlantic Sugar Refinery 455
LW46 Atlantic Sugar Refinery 110
LW47 Ballast Wharf 6) For 140
LW48 Ballast Wharf 7) Storage 485
LW49 Ballast Wharf 8) and 530
LW50 Ballast Wharf 9) Clean- 445
LW51 Ballast Wharf 10) ing 370
LW52 Ballast Wharf 11) sugar 275
LW53 Ballast Wharf 12) cars 275
LW56 Lead Track
LW57 Scow Siding 235
LW58 Runaround 830
LW59 Grain Elevator 540
LW60 Grain Elevator 540
LW66 Old Pugsley 1 820
LW67 Old Pugsley 2 820
LW68 Old Pugsley 3 475
LW69 Pugsley Extn. Tk. 1 625
LW70 Pugsley Extn. Tk. 2 610
LW71 Pugsley Face Track 1 1600
LW72 Pugsley Face Track 2 2050







Spins Designation Usable Footage
LE25 Siding 1410
LE45 Siding 4305
LE46TT Team Track 210
LE55 Runaround 1450
LE56 Lead 935
LE57 Maple Leaf Milling 150
LE58TT Team Track & Ramp 470
LE59TT Team Track 320





[SHEET 2 OF 2]

Spins Designation Usable Footage
LE61TT Team Track 910
LE65 Siding 4510
LE66TT Team Track & Ramp 320
LE75TT Team Track 1300





Mile 0.00 to 43.3

Spins Designation Usable Footage
A001TT Team Track 580
C005TT Team Track 2770
C010TT Team Track 880
C011 Siding 1365
C020TT Siding & Team Track 5680
C031TT Team Track 190
C032 Siding 3360
C033TT Team Track & Ramp 830
C034 Siding 1965
C035 Siding 660
C040TT Team Track 200
C041 Siding 760
C050 Passing Track 6675
C051TT Team Track & Sussex Farm & Garden 280
C052 Potash Co. of America 170
C053 Potash Co. of America 2090
C054 Potash Co. of America 1425
C055 Potash Co. of America 2395
C056 Potash Co. of America 3470
C057 Potash Co. of America 2045
C058 Potash Co. of America 6105
C059 Potash Co. of America 5515
C0620A McCready Foods Ltd. ) 610
C0620B Barbours Foods Ltd. )
C0630A Canada Packers ) 2220
C0630B Bayshore Lbr. Co. Ltd. )
C064 Canada Packers 335
C065 Siding 3030
C066 Siding 1280
C067TT Team Track & Ramp 1280
C068TT Team Track 685
C069TT Team Track 495
C070TT Sussex & Studholm 490
C071 Sussex & Studholm Agric. Society 225
C072TT Team Track 740
C073TT Team Track 995





Spins Designation Usable Footage
B005 H.A. Fawcett Lbr. 125
B010 East Leg of Wye 1000
B011 West Leg of Wye 785
B025TT Team Track 170
B030 Siding 865
B032 Havelock Lime Co. 2025
B034 Havelock Lime Co. 1260
B040 Havelock Lime Co. 790
B042 West Leg of Wye 775
B044TT Team Track 515
B045TT Team Track 330
B051 Canada Cement Co. 750
B052 Canada Cement Co. 750
B053 Canada Cement Co. (Coal) 1485
B055 Canada Cement Co. (Scale) 1290
B056 Canada Cement Co. 1050
B059 Canada Cement Co. 600
B060 Canada Cement Co. 850






Spins Designation Usable Footage
J001 Westfield Beach – Storage 1120
J002 Westfield Beach – Siding 1285
J003 Westfield Beach – Turntable 80
J007 Grandview – Siding 905
J011 Oak Point – Siding 185
J015 Evandale – Siding 1310





Spins Designation Usable Footage
J019TT Hampstead – Public (Side Ramp) 200
J023 Queenstown – Siding 830
J031 Gagetown – Siding 1470
J032TT Gagetown – Public 840





Spins Designation Usable Footage
J038 Babbit – Siding 1540
J044 Camp Gagetown – Siding 2400
J045 Camp Gagetown – Storage 2425
J046 Camp Gagetown – Loading 2515
J047 Camp Gagetown – Loading (Side & End Ramp) 820
J048 Camp Gagetown – R.C.O.C. Loading (Side & End Ramp) 1250
J049 Camp Gagetown – Loading (Side & End Ramp) 850
J050 Camp Gagetown – Tank Farm Siding 500
J051 Camp Gagetown – Central Heating 600
J052 Camp Gagetown – Coal Storage 580
J053 Camp Gagetown – R.C.O.C. Depot 1000
J054 Camp Gagetown – Supply Depot 1200
J060TT Oromocto – Public 935
J061 Oromocto – Siding 1435





Spins Designation Usable Footage
J065 Lincoln (South) Siding & Haley Lbr. 600
J066 Imperial Oil 550
J069TT Lincoln (North) – Public 220





Spins Designation Usable Footage
KX01 Main Line 2570
KN00 South Devon – Transfer (Interchange) 400
KN01 South Devon – Yard Tk #1 1915
KN02 South Devon – Yard Tk #2 1700
KN03 South Devon – Yard Tk #3 1500
KN04 South Devon – Yard Tk #4 1490
KN05 South Devon – Scale Sdg. 590
KN06 South Devon – Auxiliary Siding 245
KN07 South Devon – Old ML & Repair Siding 1360
KN08 South Devon – Straight Coach Siding 465
KN09 South Devon – Middle Coach Siding 420
KN10 South Devon – Back Coach Siding 765
KN11 South Devon – Old Coach Siding 615
KN12 South Devon – Enginehouse Tk #1 75
KN13 South Devon – Enginehouse Tk #2 815
KN14 South Devon – Enginehouse Tk #3 740
KN15 South Devon – Enginehouse Tk #4 75
KN23 South Devon – New Siding 1990
KN24 South Devon 445
KN26TT South Devon – Public Siding (Side & End Ramp) 600
KN27 South Devon – Irving Oil 220





Spins Designation Usable Footage
KN30 University Avenue – Siding 835
KN32 University Avenue – J.S. Neil 300
KN330A University Avenue – Storage 1020
KN330B University Avenue – E.M. Young 165
KN99 University Avenue – Interchange 1000





Spins Designation Usable Footage
KN36 Sumner Co. Ltd. 60
KN39TT Public Sdg. & Containers 335
KN40TT Public Sdg. & Ramp 430
KN41TT Public Sdg. & Ramp 430
KN430A Kitchen Bros. )
KN430B Atlantic Wholesalers ) 1020
KN430C Sumner Tire )
KN45 Willett Fruit Co. 185
KN47 Royal Mills Ltd. 120
KN50 Atlas Building Supplies (Side Ramp) 140
KN51 Canfor Ltd. 200
KN53 Gulf Oil 130
KN54 L.E. Shaw 300
KN55 Barker Equipment 75
KN56 End of Spur 400





Spins Designation Usable Footage
KN60TT Marysville – Public 470
KN62TT Penniac – Public 640
KN68 Durham Bridge – Siding 1385
KN69TT Durham Bridge – Public 455
KN71TT Taymouth – Public 325
KN73 Taymouth Pit – Siding 1335
KN74 Taymouth Pit – Siding 1350
KN77 Covered Bridge – Public 310
KN79 Cross Creek – Siding 930





Spins Designation Usable Footage
NN02 Valley – Storage & Runaround 1000
NN03 Valley – Tail Track 400
NN07 Woodstock – Mason & Risch Ltd. 1050
NN11 Woodstock – Siding 995
NN12TT Woodstock – Public 790
NN13TT Woodstock – Public 400
NN15TT Woodstock – Public & Ramp 630
NN16 Woodstock – Irving Oil 190
NN18 Woodstock – Atlantic Wholesalers 220
NN20 Woodstock – Karnes Bakery 200
NN25TT Bellville – Public 300
NN28 Lindsay – Siding 1525
NN29 Lindsay – Public 500
NN35TT Avondale Road – Public 500





Spins Designation Usable Footage
NN38 Lakeville – Siding 1350
NN39TT Lakeville – Public 520
NN45 Mile 26.7 – Co-op. 340
NN51 Centreville – Siding 1390
NN52TT Centreville – Public 810
NN53TT Centreville – Public & Ramp 680
NN57 Centreville – Eng. House Tk #1 150
NN60 Centreville – End of Track 820