2016 Canadian Train Calendars

2016 Canadian Train Calendars

For 2016, I have three Canadian train calendars for sale. These make a great gift for your spouse, your friend, or for yourself! Until November 13 use code NOVFLASH30 at checkout for 30% off! As a bonus, I also have a Manitoba grain elevator calendar for sale! These 2016 train calendars sell for $19.99 (plus shipping) and are manufactured and mailed by Lulu. This is the third year that I have sold calendars through them and they do great work.

2016 Canadian Trains

The 2016 Canadian Trains Calendar features 13 gorgeous photos of Canadian railways. Enjoy photos of the class 1 railways, CN and CP, together with images of VIA Rail and the Rocky Mountaineer.

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2016 CN Trains

The 2016 CN Trains Calendar features 13 photos of CN trains powering their way across Canada.


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2016 Canadian Shortlines and Foreign Power

Shortline railways are a very important part of the railway scene in Canada, and the 2016 Canadian Shortlines and Foreign Power calendar features several of them - from New Brunswick to Vancouver Island. Also featured are "foreign" locomotives visiting Canada from BNSF and Union Pacific.

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