Canadian Pacific F Units – David Othen

Photographs of Canadian Pacific F units”covered wagons” taken in the 1970s and early 1980s.

FP7A 1402 & a FP9A at Thunder Bay

FP7A 1404 near Lake Louise

FP7A 4066 & GP9 8521 with the westbound Canadian at Banff

FP7A 4074 with a commuter train at Windsor station, Montreal

FP7A 4063, F7B 4478 & Bessemer F3A 725A at Red Deer

FP9A 1412 with 8581, 8512 & 6717 at the servicing facility in Alyth, Calgary.

F7Bs 4438 & 4459 in special maroon livery as part of the BC train, Calgary

F7B 4459 & PNC 127 leaving Edmonton for Winnipeg

F7B 4462 at Alyth, Calgary

Alcos FA2 4093 & FB1 4408 at North Bay

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