The Last Train(s) Into Fredericton

The last train into Fredericton

In my sparse railway video collection,I have a VHS tape entitled “Last Train into Fredericton”. This was produced by Digital World Productions, of Manawagonish Road, Saint John. Digital World was (is?) a store selling used musical instruments, CDs, and computer stuff. I have no idea why they made this video but I’m glad they did.

New and Old: BC Rail 4650 to 4654

Back in October 5, 2000, someone* caught several brand-spanking new BC Rail locomotives being shipped through Ontario. These GE-built C44-9W locomotives were the last new locomotives purchased by BC Rail before its absorption into CN. * regretfully I do not know who the photographer was The five locomotives were 4651, 4650, 4654, 4653 and 4652, … Read more

Review: Translation State

I was really excited to read Ann Leckie’s new novel, “Translation State“, and I was not disappointed. It met my high expectations and then some. My Amazon links are affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commission if you purchase something using those links, at no extra cost to you. Ann is well known for … Read more