Can We Get On With It Already

The life of a railroader is often spent waiting.

Waiting for the call to go to work. Waiting for your train to be ready. Waiting for clearance to depart.

Sometimes, more time is spent waiting for other trains than they spend in motion!

Asia and the Giants

Whenever I hear one of the classic Asia songs, “Heat of the Moment”, “Sole Survivor”, or “Only Time Will Tell”, I think of Dungeons & Dragons, and in particular I think of giants and Drow elves.

RS-18s in the 1970s

Here are a few slides I purchased showing CN RS-18 locomotives in the 1970s.

The RS-18 was built by Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW) as the Canadian version of the Alco RS-11. These locomotives had an 251B diesel engine under the long hood powering the traction motors driving all four axles. Just over 350 were produced, mostly for CN.