Asia and the Giants

Whenever I hear one of the classic Asia songs, “Heat of the Moment”, “Sole Survivor”, or “Only Time Will Tell”, I think of Dungeons & Dragons, and in particular I think of giants and Drow elves.

RS-18s in the 1970s

Here are a few slides I purchased showing CN RS-18 locomotives in the 1970s.

The RS-18 was built by Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW) as the Canadian version of the Alco RS-11. These locomotives had an 251B diesel engine under the long hood powering the traction motors driving all four axles. Just over 350 were produced, mostly for CN.

The MLW S-12

Passenger train on a wooden trestle

In 1958 CN placed an order for 11 diesel-electric switchers, 1000 horsepower with Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW). At the time, MLW’s 1000 HP offering was the S-12, superseding the S-7. The S-12 had the same 539 “prime mover” diesel engine under the hood, but with a new car body.