Timetables for Sale

Stack of railway timetables and books

I have some surplus timetables and train magazines in my collection that I am selling. Over time as I buy lots of timetables, I end up with a few duplicates. Everything here is $5 (Canadian) each, plus shipping at cost. Contact me via email at steve@traingeek.ca if you would like any. I will leave this … Read more

The Road Forward

Shadow of a person on a gravel road stretching into the distance

You may have noticed a lot more non-train posts here at Traingeek World Headquarters. This isn’t intentional. I’ve been writing what I feel like writing, and these days I want to write about a lot of different things – life in the USSR, life as a computer geek, train stuff, random fiction.

Art Inspiration

Framed photos on a wall

I’d like to share the work of a few talented artists whose work graces the walls of my room. I’ve collected a few pieces over the years and seeing their talent on the walls inspires me.

Helping Others

Cat looking out a window with Christmas decorations

This will be my last post before Christmas. I hope you and your loved ones are happy and well. We are doing fine here. It’s important to remember in this time of giving and sharing that not everyone has enough to eat. CBC Manitoba recently ran a series of articles on local food banks and … Read more

CP 1834

Railway locomotives

I love images like this. There are so many little details. The white extra flags on the distant unit. The little red box on the crewman’s belt – what’s that for? The switch stand – electrically locked? The whistle sign indicating a nearby crossing. The line of telegraph poles with a new cable strung across … Read more

A Computer Geek: Computer Magazines

Old computer magazine covers

The late 1970s and early 1980s were the golden age of computer magazines. There was Creative Computing, Popular Computing, Info World, Compute!, BYTE, and many more. These were the primary ways that people learned about new computers, new programs and technical details of the computers. You couldn’t look this stuff up on the Internet yet!