Holding Back

I’ve been holding myself back. I have a million ideas and a dozen things in progress and I can’t finish any of them, because they have to be perfect. It’s a problem.

Going For a Spin

One of the ways to turn a locomotive is by using a turntable. Unlike steam engines, diesel locomotives rarely need to be turned, but the need arises at times… and so there are still a few turntables around. This is the CN turntable at the Fairview Yard in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Victoria Pacific Railway

The Victoria Pacific Railway was a short-lived tourist operation on Vancouver Island. It ran for two seasons on CN track just west of Victoria, in 1972 and 1973.

The Loggieville Water Tower

Railway water tower in Loggieville, New Brunswick from 1966

Back in the days of steam, water towers were a common feature beside railway tracks. Steam engines used vast quantities of water and they needed to refill frequently. After the end of main line steam in 1960, these towers disappeared quickly. Only a few remain… like the one in Loggieville, New Brunswick.