Yellowtail rockfish

Sometimes I feel words stirring below the surface of my mind, little word minnows darting about, seeking to join together into sentences and paragraphs. Now and then a phrase jumps out, flashing silvery in the wan mind-light, before splashing down and wriggling under the surface again, leaving rippling rings of thought and inspiration. Over time, … Read more

Sudbury-White River Service

Silver rail cars in White River Ontario in the rain

VIA Rail provides passenger service between Sudbury and White River, Ontario using two or three self-propelled rail diesel cars (“RDCs”). This is classified as “remote service” and is intended to serve communities in this remote area with passenger service, since road access is sparse to non-existent.

The Agawa Canyon Tour Train

The Agawa Canyon Tour Train in northern Ontario is a long-running tourist attraction that brings thousands of visitors to the remote and beautiful Agawa Canyon. Canada’s famed Group of Seven painters traveled this route and painted several gorgeous views of the area. Today artists and tourists alike enjoy the views.

Ed Bowes

I was very sorry to hear that Ed Bowes died on September 12. He was a big part of the Salem & Hillsborough Railroad and he will be missed.

Stuck in the Middle with You

Manitoba is perhaps Canada’s most forgotten province. Most of our 10 provinces have something unique about them – Nova Scotia, the ocean; Newfoundland, the accents and screech; Quebec, French and poutine; and so forth. Manitoba has polar bears, I suppose, but otherwise we are pretty dull.

Soo Line Timetables

Author Terry Gainer recently published The Soo Line’s Famous Trains to Canada and shared a few Soo Line timetables from his research. I’m happy to be able to share them here for reference.

HMCS Athabaskan

Book cover featuring a navy ship and the words Unlucky Lady

I was browsing a used bookstore recently and came across a copy of “Unlucky Lady” by Len Barrow and Emile Beaudoin. This is the story of the first HMCS Athabaskan, which had a short service life in World War 2 before it was lost in action. I bought the book and thoroughly enjoyed it. At … Read more

Traveling in the USSR

Airplane on a Soviet flag

One way to overcome the boredom of living in the USSR was to go on vacations. It wasn’t easy. There were restrictions on travel outside of Moscow, and you had to file a trip plan and get approval before you were allowed to go.