Travel to Batumi

The following is a letter my dad wrote and filed at the Canadian embassy in Moscow to advise new residents about traveling to the resort city of Batumi (Georgia). I have reformatted it for the web and added some footnotes, but I kept the grammar and punctuation as it was. TRAVEL TO BATUMI To let … Read more

Running the Route

Drone view of a CN freight train on the Canadian prairie, lit by early morning sun

I railfanned a lot in 2021. Looking back, it seems like every spare moment was spent trackside, or driving to and from railway tracks. I think it was an escape mechanism, to keep myself busy and avoid the sad thoughts I was having. It worked for a while.

After the PDC

Composite image of two Canadian Pacific Railway trains

Early in the summer of 2021, the Prairie Dog Central participated in the filming of The Porter, a CBC miniseries about Black railway porters. As I was driving away from recording the PDC train, I saw that a train was approaching from the west.

From the Pile

Composite image of several trains

There was a period of time where I was so far behind in processing my photos that I gave up and threw a thousand or so images into a folder to deal with later. Last spring I threw a few hundred more in, and this is the result.

The Road Forward

Shadow of a person on a gravel road stretching into the distance

You may have noticed a lot more non-train posts here at Traingeek World Headquarters. This isn’t intentional. I’ve been writing what I feel like writing, and these days I want to write about a lot of different things – life in the USSR, life as a computer geek, train stuff, random fiction.

Art Inspiration

Framed photos on a wall

I’d like to share the work of a few talented artists whose work graces the walls of my room. I’ve collected a few pieces over the years and seeing their talent on the walls inspires me.

Worth It

CN train punching through snow drifts

It had been a while since I took a photo of a train. A long while – about six weeks. I just haven’t been inspired to go trackside. I’ve written about this before (It’s Been a While, Seasons of Interest). However, on Christmas Eve I actually went trackside again. My wife was working that day … Read more

Helping Others

Cat looking out a window with Christmas decorations

This will be my last post before Christmas. I hope you and your loved ones are happy and well. We are doing fine here. It’s important to remember in this time of giving and sharing that not everyone has enough to eat. CBC Manitoba recently ran a series of articles on local food banks and … Read more