Kitchener Railfanning, Reloaded

VIA 919 in Kitchener ON

I visited the Kitchener-Waterloo region of Ontario recently to visit my son and daughter-in-law. I’m grateful that the pandemic restrictions have eased enough that I was able to do that, since I hadn’t seen them in a very long time. We managed to squeeze in a bit of railfanning while I was there. On my … Read more

Chasing an SD90

It’s not every day that you get to see a big SD90MAC locomotive rolling down a branch line. I didn’t want to lose that opportunity.

Glimpses of the Huron Central

It’s been a busy few weeks getting my daughter ready to start college in Toronto. College! I remember when she could barely walk and here she is, living in Hogtown without us. Yikes. My wife and I drove her to Toronto via the Trans-Canada Highway through northern Ontario. We would have preferred to drive through … Read more

Blown Away

One evening this past May, I had the itch to get trackside and see some trains. I decided to head east and try my luck on the CP Emerson and CN Sprague subdivisions in the southeast area of Winnipeg. As I rolled across the CP Emerson subdivision where it crosses the south Perimeter Highway, I … Read more

The Bug

CP 8840 near Marquette

Sometimes you’re the windshieldSometimes you’re the bugSometimes it all comes together babySometimes you’re just a fool in love “The Bug”, Mary Chapin Carpenter I really like the song “Passionate Kisses” by Mary Chapin Carpenter. It’s very catchy. I ended up buying her album “Come On Come On” and enjoying that too. There’s a lot of … Read more

Three Trains on the Sprague

Steve was restless. He was never the type to be content sitting at home, day after day. He’s not that patient. Every now and then, he had to do something. Steve’s father George was like that, but on overdrive. George was never content to sit still, often visiting someone for only ten or fifteen minutes … Read more

A Visit to the Hump

Every now and then I like to drop in at the south end of CN’s Symington Yard in Winnipeg to see what’s going on at the hump yard. There’s almost always at least one train being pushed over the hump and sometimes two trains at once. CN usually has three hump sets in the area … Read more

Desperately Seeking Canola

I really enjoyed our family vacation in Banff. It’s such a beautiful location. However, Banff doesn’t have canola. This bright yellow crop has become a very popular plant for western farmers to grow alongside or in place of the traditional wheat fields. Canola was bred from rapeseed, but it is called canola (CANada, Oil, Low … Read more