Dual Service

Many railway customers only have one connection to “the outside world”. This is called a “captive shipper” and it basically means the customer has to deal with one particular railway to ship via rail, like it or not. Obviously the shipper would prefer to have options, and in some cases they have connections to more than one railway.

Three and Out

Crewman giving the peace sign from a moving locomotive

In mid March, I felt the urge to do a little railfanning before getting some groceries. After a bit of searching, I found an eastbound train on the Sprague subdivision.

Six Miles

I often struggle with a title for “railfan” posts like this. What new clever title can you place on a “I saw these trains” type of post?

A Refreshing Trip

In early February 2024, I went on a road trip to refresh my images of some Manitoba grain elevators. In general I revisit elevators every few years – and the ones closer to Winnipeg, more frequently – but there have been some elevators that I have only seen once. It was time to take some updated photos.

Different Light

When I was a new railfan, I didn’t understand the quality of light. I just took pictures, no matter what the light was and where the sun was. Most of my pictures weren’t very good.

Kitchener Quickies

GO Transit train at Kitchener Ontario

I visited my son in Kitchener, Ontario recently. I was there to see him, not to railfan, but since we are both railfans… well, trains happened.

Manitoba Muck

Mud on a sneaker

Manitoba may have lots of fertile soil, but we also have lots of clay. It gets stuck on the bottoms of your shoes and you feel like you’re a foot taller.