A Long Sprint

Two odometers

I recently had to made a quick road trip to Toronto. I’m not going to go into the reason for the trip, but I wanted to share a few observations and images from the run. It took me 36 hours and 30 minutes to drive to Toronto, and 35 hours and 25 minutes to drive … Read more

Out and Back on the Canadian

VIA Rail Train in Sioux Lookout Ontario

Well, I did it – I rode the VIA Rail Canadian to Sioux Lookout, Ontario and back to Winnipeg. It was a good trip and I’m glad I did it. The trip wasn’t without its anxiety-inducing moments, due to late trains… read on.

Foreign Power Afternoon

Late afternoon. Mid-October, last year. A lovely day for train watching. Right off the bat, a CP train appeared, heading south on the Emerson sub. A chase revealed a train waiting in the siding at Grande Pointe for the southbound train. The southbound train rolled to the south siding switch, which was against them. The … Read more

Churchill – Part 1 – Connection to the South

The first of three guest posts on David McCormack’s recent trip to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. The VIA Rail service to Churchill runs twice weekly between Winnipeg to The Pas to Churchill and once a week only between The Pas and Churchill.  The total journey time for the entire line is approximately 45 hours (assuming no delays).

Fallen Flags in April

Rail car with "Scrap Do Not Load" on side

I always like to see “fallen flag” rail cars in a train. A fallen flag is a rail car or locomotive still decorated for a railway that doesn’t exist any more. Examples below include the Chicago & Northwestern, SOO Line, Burlington Northern, and the Milwaukee Road. These were railways that went bankrupt or were merged … Read more

Orange You Glad You Stayed Out?

CP 8757 at Meadows, Manitoba

After a productive CN night photography session, and some sunrise shots of CP and CN, I returned to the CP main line. I had a tip that Canadian Pacific’s orange “Every Child Matters” locomotive was on its way into Winnipeg. I hadn’t seen this locomotive before, so I decided to go catch it. I stopped … Read more

That’ll Do, Pig

Trains at night under the aurora

As I get older, my sleep is less regular and more interrupted. I hear that’s pretty normal for us “old folks” but it’s a bit frustrating. Recently I woke up at about 4 AM, and it was clear that I wasn’t going to get back to sleep. The night before, I had been considering going … Read more