Walking, With Rails

Long distance view of a railway siding with bumpy track

I woke up at 5 AM one morning, laid in bed for a while, and decided to get up. It was a gorgeous morning outside but I didn’t feel like going to shoot trains. I rarely do, these days. Instead, I chose to reframe it as walking in the wilderness, near train tracks. That appealed … Read more

Local Switching

Canadian Pacific train at a crossing

Local switchers – the unheralded but vital part of railroading.The main line trains get all the glory, but someone has to gather all the cars for those trains and sort them. Sometimes they’re called “yard jobs” or “local trains” or “transfers”, but whatever the name is, they usually have one or two locomotives and whatever … Read more

Can’t Blame the Cat This Time

A red train with a sunrise behind it

I awoke with a start. What time was it? The blurry digits of my clock radio seemed to say 4:00, but that couldn’t be right – could it? Donning my glasses, I confirmed that A) it was indeed 4 AM and B) I was wide awake. A glance outside showed a lovely morning shaping up, … Read more

The Big Steel Rail Gonna Carry Me Home

Well I look over yonder across the plainThe big drive wheels are poundin’ along the groundGonna get on board and I’ll be homeward boundNow I ain’t had a home cooked mealAnd Lord I need one nowAnd the big steel rail gonna carry me home to the one I love “Steel Rail Blues”, Gordon Lightfoot The … Read more