Travel by Rail from Berlin to Cologne

Berlin Hauptbahnhof sign

My wife and I went to Germany in late 2021 to visit the Christmas markets. After we toured the markets in Berlin, it was time to travel to visit the Christmas markets in Cologne. We arrived at Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof (central station) well before our train’s scheduled departure time. It’s better to be early than late… … Read more

Riding Berlin’s Public Transit System

German S-Bahn crossing the Oberbaumbrücke

My wife and I visited Germany in late 2021 to tour the famed German Christmas markets. We visited Berlin, Cologne (Koln) and Frankfurt during our 12 day visit. We used public transit in each city, and in this post I’ll share a few photos and comments on Berlin’s subways and trams. Berlin’s public transit system … Read more

A Sunset Trio

Three trains

This post has been in “draft” state for more than three years. It’s maybe a stretch to call it a “draft”, as it was just a title and the words “August 18”. I had to do some detective work! First, I determined that I meant August 18, 2019. Next, I went to Lightroom and saw … Read more

Spanish Trains

Trains in the Barcelona train station

I attended a conference in Barcelona in the fall of 2018. I was fortunate to have my wife accompany me, and we made a vacation out of it by adding a few days at the start of the trip to tour the city. Barcelona is a great city and I’d love to go back.

Wide Angle at Night

Aurora borealis over railway tracks

I was just going out to photograph some stars, but the aurora borealis decided to put on a great show. It was a great first night shooting with a new-to-me wide angle lens.

A New-To-Me Lens

VIA Rail train

I bought a new (to me) lens! It’s been a long time since I purchased a lens for my camera. I’ve been using my Canon 17-55mm and 70-200mm lenses for several years, first with my Canon T1i and now with my Canon 77D camera. I’ve been doing a lot of night photography. While photographing the … Read more

Night Elevators

Grain elevator at night with aurora borealis

After seeing STEVE – and the rest of the aurora borealis – and the Milky Way – I still felt great, even at 1:30 AM. I decided to fulfill a long-held wish – photograph the Oberon grain elevator at night.

Steve, Meet STEVE

STEVE atmospheric phenomenon

I feel like I am refocusing. Not literally, of course. I used to enjoy making photos during the day. Apparently I don’t care very much for that any more. I’m not against it. I just don’t feel like doing it very often. I do like making photos at night! I love the big night sky. … Read more


Signal and shadow on a passing train at night

Another starry night and another photography session. It seems that going out at night to shoot with the stars is one of the few ways I like to photograph trains these days. So be it. I am doing what feels right.