QNS&L Timetable From 1968

Quebec North Shore & Labrador Railway logo and partial map

Here’s a public timetable for the Quebec, North Shore and Labrador Railway effective October 17, 1968. It was printed on a two-sided piece of stiff cardboard / paper, roughly 8.5″ x 11″, with rounded corners. The cover shows a map of the railway, from Sept-Iles, Quebec north through Labrador to Schefferville, Quebec. In 1968 there … Read more

Travel to Batumi

The following is a letter my dad wrote and filed at the Canadian embassy in Moscow to advise new residents about traveling to the resort city of Batumi (Georgia). I have reformatted it for the web and added some footnotes, but I kept the grammar and punctuation as it was. TRAVEL TO BATUMI To let … Read more

Running the Route

Drone view of a CN freight train on the Canadian prairie, lit by early morning sun

I railfanned a lot in 2021. Looking back, it seems like every spare moment was spent trackside, or driving to and from railway tracks. I think it was an escape mechanism, to keep myself busy and avoid the sad thoughts I was having. It worked for a while.

After the PDC

Composite image of two Canadian Pacific Railway trains

Early in the summer of 2021, the Prairie Dog Central participated in the filming of The Porter, a CBC miniseries about Black railway porters. As I was driving away from recording the PDC train, I saw that a train was approaching from the west.

From the Pile

Composite image of several trains

There was a period of time where I was so far behind in processing my photos that I gave up and threw a thousand or so images into a folder to deal with later. Last spring I threw a few hundred more in, and this is the result.

The Road Forward

Shadow of a person on a gravel road stretching into the distance

You may have noticed a lot more non-train posts here at Traingeek World Headquarters. This isn’t intentional. I’ve been writing what I feel like writing, and these days I want to write about a lot of different things – life in the USSR, life as a computer geek, train stuff, random fiction.

Art Inspiration

Framed photos on a wall

I’d like to share the work of a few talented artists whose work graces the walls of my room. I’ve collected a few pieces over the years and seeing their talent on the walls inspires me.

Worth It

CN train punching through snow drifts

It had been a while since I took a photo of a train. A long while – about six weeks. I just haven’t been inspired to go trackside. I’ve written about this before (It’s Been a While, Seasons of Interest). However, on Christmas Eve I actually went trackside again. My wife was working that day … Read more