The Grand Trunk Unit

I heard through the railfan grapevine that one of the CN heritage locomotives, the blue and red Grand Trunk unit, was in Winnipeg and about to head out on train CN 347 early in the afternoon. The crew was ordered for 12:30, which is when they show up for duty. They have to get their … Read more

Book Review: Proud Colours

When Canadian Pacific Railway unveiled their five commemorative locomotives on November 11, 2019, they were met with universal admiration for the great tribute to Canadian and United States armed forces. I am pleased to say that the book “Proud Colours” by Adam Meeks represents them well. This book tells the story of Canadian Pacific’s long … Read more

Turn Around

Sunset silhouette

Often it pays to look at something from more than one angle. I almost missed a good photo opportunity because I didn’t consider every angle. In Search of Sunset Late one afternoon, I was in my house, wrapping up work and thinking about supper when I looked outside and saw a beautiful sunset developing. I … Read more

Two Red Trains Meeting

Two red trains meetingWintry freezing afternoonNumb fingers, warm heart Southward train, mixed freightFour engines, lifeless and coldTrail behind crazy eights. Switch is against themConductor braves the fierce coldSets the record straight Northbound train, mostly oilStuck on the sidelines for nowNow time to escape Smoking and rumblingLong gloss black snake tail trailingSteel monster heads north A … Read more

2020 Roundup

It’s time for the traditional year-end roundup post. So. 2020. How was that? Well, you know. We who survived the pandemic lived through it, so there’s no need to belabour the issue. Remember the fallen, honour the front line workers who fought for us, and move on to bigger and better things. I have high … Read more

New Rocky Mountaineer Route

The Rocky Mountaineer near Kamloops, BC

Rocky Mountain Railtours is advertising a new route for their luxury cruise train, the Rockies to the Red Rocks route. This route, slated to start a late and abbreviated season in August 2021, will see the train start in Denver, Colorado and proceed west through the Rocky Mountains to Moab, Utah with an overnight stop … Read more

Merry Christmas

I want to take a moment and wish you, Dear Readers, a merry Christmas and a happy new year. For those who don’t celebrate Christmas, happy holidays. I’m not religious but I still call it Christmas and in normal years our family gets together to share meals and exchange presents. I don’t want to talk … Read more

Book Review: Railway Nation

This is a review of the book “Railway Nation: Tales of Canadian Pacific – The World’s Greatest Travel System” by David Laurence Jones. I should disclose that I was given this book for free as a review copy, so consider that while reading this review. I would’ve bought this book anyway, and in fact I … Read more

Railway Coastal Museum Closing?!

The Railway Coastal Museum in St. John's

Via Twitter, I heard that the Railway Coastal Museum in downtown St. John’s, Newfoundland was closing. Apparently the city of St. John’s is in a cash crunch, and to save money they’ve decided the museum has to go. I visited this beautiful building and toured the museum in 2016. It’s a great museum. Why Close … Read more