Churchill – Part 1 – Connection to the South

The first of three guest posts on David McCormack’s recent trip to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. The VIA Rail service to Churchill runs twice weekly between Winnipeg to The Pas to Churchill and once a week only between The Pas and Churchill.  The total journey time for the entire line is approximately 45 hours (assuming no delays).

Book Review: Prairie Dog Central – The Story

Prairie Dog Central Railway book at the station

The Prairie Dog Central Railway has been a Manitoba success story. Over the past 52 years, they have preserved and operated steam engine #3, the oldest operating coal fired steam engine in North America. This book is their story. The Prairie Dog Central Railway operates steam and diesel hauled excursion trains between Inkster Junction and … Read more

Three Views of the Salem and Hillsborough

Douglas Courtney slide of SH 8245 in Hillsborough

Here are three slides showing the Salem & Hillsborough Railroad in operation in the 1980s and 1990s. The S&H was a tourist railway that operated from 1984 to 2004 in the Hillsborough area south of Moncton, New Brunswick. I had the pleasure of volunteering for the railway in the last few years of its operation. … Read more

Fallen Flags in April

Rail car with "Scrap Do Not Load" on side

I always like to see “fallen flag” rail cars in a train. A fallen flag is a rail car or locomotive still decorated for a railway that doesn’t exist any more. Examples below include the Chicago & Northwestern, SOO Line, Burlington Northern, and the Milwaukee Road. These were railways that went bankrupt or were merged … Read more

Orange You Glad You Stayed Out?

CP 8757 at Meadows, Manitoba

After a productive CN night photography session, and some sunrise shots of CP and CN, I returned to the CP main line. I had a tip that Canadian Pacific’s orange “Every Child Matters” locomotive was on its way into Winnipeg. I hadn’t seen this locomotive before, so I decided to go catch it. I stopped … Read more

That’ll Do, Pig

Trains at night under the aurora

As I get older, my sleep is less regular and more interrupted. I hear that’s pretty normal for us “old folks” but it’s a bit frustrating. Recently I woke up at about 4 AM, and it was clear that I wasn’t going to get back to sleep. The night before, I had been considering going … Read more