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8427 is an MLW built former Canadian Pacfic RS-3 which CP chopped-nosed. It then went to a paper mill on Vancouver Island and is now at the Alberni Pacific Railway at Port Alberni where it is a back up engine for both the steam train and the local paper mill. THe photo was taken on 11 June 2001.


1754 is an MLW built former Canadian National RS-18 which was converted by CN to an RSC-14 and then operated on the Salem & Hillsborough Railroad in New Brunswick until 1998.  It is now at the New Brunswick Railway Museum. The photograph was taken on 18 August 1997 at Hillsborough.

This is the interior of BCRail re-engined RS-18M 600 and is similar to that of 1754 above although it has been repainted (the green-grey was the original cab colours) and it has been chop-nosed, hence the extra windows. The photograph was taken on 1 June 1995.

General Motors (GM)

Pacific Wilderness GP10

This photograph of the Pacific Wilderness Railway/Ohio Central US built and rebuilt and chop-nosed GP10 # 703 was taken at Victoria BC on 13 June 2001 just prior to the closure of the tourist train. Although the locomotive does not have the usual dynamic brake blister, there appears to be a control lever for a dynamic brake similar to that found on the Canfor dynamic braked SW1200RS illustrated at the bottom of this page.

CN GP40-2

This is the interior of CN GP40-2LW 9580 which is typical of a low hood unit. The brake and throttle handles have been removed for safety (normal practice when not in use). The photograph was taken at Moncton on 4 October 1998.

CN SD40 Without Dynamic Brakes

These two units are similar to the GP40-2 but the dynamic brake equipped unit has an extra control handle above the throttle. Below is the cab interior of CN SD40 5105 (the brake & reverser handles have been removed). It was built by GM in 1969 and does not have dynamic brakes. The photo was taken on 25 June 1997.

CN (ex CP) SD40-2 With Dynamic Brakes

Below is the cab interior of CN SD40 5389 (formerly operated by CP but owned by Ontario Hydro). It was built by GM in 1978 and does have dynamic brakes. The photo was taken on 25 June 1997.

Rebuilt CN SD40

This is a newer version of the brake stands on the units above and includes a yellow vigilance button and warning light. The locomotive is CN 6021 and it is at Dartmouth on 16 September 1998.

Note the red dead man’s brake handle on the floor in the photo above.

The Q-Tron computer diagnostic unit is located on the rear wall of the cab and is only fitted to the rebuilt units..


The desktop control stand was introduced on the SD50 units and also is used on CN’s SD-60 units. CN 5441 was in Halifax on 23 January 1999.


CN returned to the vertical control stands with the SD70I and SD75I units. These are dynamic braked. CN 5771 was in Halifax on 23 January 1999.

CANFOR SW1200RS With Dynamic Brakes

Canfor operates the only dynamic braked switchers SW1200RS in Canada. 301, 302 & 304 have now been re-engined with CAT 3512 engines. The upper photo shows the cab of 301 (built by GM London ON in 1956) which has a cylindrical control stand and the lower photo shows the cab of 303 (built by GM London ON in 1959) which has a newer control stand.

General Electric

Upgraded B39-8E

BC Rail purchased some upgraded General Electric units – B39-8Es. The control stand of 3901 is seen at Dawson Creek on  27 May 1999.


Canadian Pacific has desktop control stands on all its modern units including the last SD40-2 units which had full cowl bodies (“Red Barns”). This is the control stand in their General Electric AC4400CW units.  The black handle in the centre left is a combined dynamic brake and throttle control.The photo of 9617 was taken at Field BC on 12 June 1999.

Passenger Locomotives


These units were built by General Motors and have the combined dynamic brake and throttle control handle. 6409 is seen at Halifax on  5 August 1998.

Rebuilt VIA F40PH

6417 is seen in Halifax at VIA Safety Days on 4 May 2010. Note that the speedometer has been replaced by a touch screen display.


These locomotives were built by General Electric and have several touch screen displays for both engineers. 905 was photographed during a railfan tour of the Montreal Maintenance Centre on 22 April 2007. A videoclip of the starting of 915 and the touch screens together with information about a DVD of our visit to MMC & CAD “VIA’s Railfan trips to Montreal” can be seen here.

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