HDR – High Dynamic Range

This article will tell you what HDR is – it stands for High Dynamic Range – and explain why photographers use it and when you should consider using it.

What is HDR?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and it involves taking 3 or more identical photos with different exposures. At a minimum you shoot one “normal” exposure, one that’s too dark and one that’s too bright, and then the software on your camera or PC will combine those together and include a bigger range of brightness/darkness than one shot is capable of.

Why Use HDR?

We do this because the human eye can see a much wider range of brightness and darkness than a camera sensor can.

How to Use HDR

Your phone will often take HDR images automatically without any work on your part, and many newer cameras can do this “in camera” as well.

With my camera I have to take the three images and combine them later on my PC. I think it’s worth it for images like this with bright spots and deep shadows.

For More Information

Here are some resources about HDR:

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