Atlantic Canada Books

The following is my collection of books relating to railroading in Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador).

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  • Built For War, Jay Underwood, ISBN 1-897190-00-X
  • Canadian National in the East, Volume 4, Keith Littleward, 1995, ISBN 0-919487-50-5
  • Canadian Pacific’s Dominion Atlantic Railway, Volume 1, Gary W Ness, 1995, ISBN 0-919487-29-7
  • Canadian Pacific’s Dominion Atlantic Railway, Volume 2, Gary W Ness, 1995, ISBN 0-919487-49-1
  • Cinders & Saltwater, Shirley E. Woods, 1992, ISBN 1-55109-027-9
  • Diesels in the Maritimes and Newfoundland, Roger G Steed, 1995, ISBN 0-919487-51-3
  • Everybody Loves a Veteran, Ron Jackson, 2011
  • From Folly to Fortune, Jay Underwood, ISBN 978-1-897190-23-4
  • Historic Fredericton North, Ted and Anita Jones, ISBN 978-1-55109-635-3
  • Historical Data on Albert County Railways, J.A. Clowes, 2003
  • The Inverness and Richmond Railway, Allister W. D. MacBean, 1987, ISBN 0-919928-02-1
  • Iron Roads – Railways of Nova Scotia, David E Stephens, 1972
  • Loyalist City Streetcars, Fred Angus, 1979, ISBN 0-919130-29-1
  • The Ocean Limited, Douglas NW Smith
  • The Old Prince Edward Island Railway, Stanley LeClerc, ISBN 1-55109-353-7
  • Old Railway Stations of the Maritimes, Peter M Latta, 1998, 0-9683769-0-8
  • A Photo History Of The Prince Edward Island Railway, Allan Graham, 3rd Edition December 2001, ISBN 0-9687204-0-4
  • A Railway to the Isles: A History of the Strait of Canso Railway Car Ferries, Ted Rafuse, 2005, ISBN 0-9685474-1-9
  • Railways of New Brunswick, David Nason, 1992, ISBN 0-920483-38-0
  • Railways of New Brunswick: A History, Dan Soucoup, 2010 (book review)
  • Scenic Rail Guide to Central & Atlantic Canada, Bill Coo, 1984, ISBN 0-919-872-76-X
  • The St. Martins Train, Ruby M. Cusack
  • Tracks Across The Maritimes, Michael MacKenzie, 1985, ISBN 0-920612-18-0
  • Yesteryear – The St. Martins Train, Ruby M. Cusack, 1988

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