Canadian Pacific Train Orders

Here are scans of some Canadian Pacific train orders I personally own or have scans of, relating to the Canadian Pacific Railway. Train orders were paper instructions issued to train crews to give them authority and/or instructions on how to proceed with their train.

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Canadian Pacific Railway CompanyTerminal Clearance Form B

Lancaster NB Station 908 PM Jan 29 – 57

Train No 113

Orders for your train are = 288 =

All trains which are superior and all trains of the same class due to arrive and leave have arrived and left except Nil

The next train ahead from this station is ______ it left at ______

and arrived at ______ at ______

OK at 908 PM JWT [J. Wilfred Turner] dispatcher G W Duplisea operator

This clearance does not relieve the conductor from personally checking the train register and knowing that all trains which are superior to this train have arrived or left.

Canadian Pacific Railway Company

Form 19Y

Train Order No 288

Jany 29 1957

To No 113 at Lancaster NB

No 113 Eng MEC 711 Meet Second 68 Eng 5302 at Bailey.

Repeated at 908 PM

Made Com [Complete] Time 908 PM OPR. Duplisea

Clearance CP RailStation Jackman April 30 1977

Train No 952

Orders for your train are 227

The next train ahead from this station left at ______

OK at 1348 JHW [Jim Wilcox] dispatcher J P Michaud operator


Form 19Y

Train order no. 227 April 30 1977

To No 952 at Jackman

No 952 Eng 4235 meet No 949 Eng 4215 at Moosehead.


Repeated at 1246

Made Com [Complete] Time 1246 OPR. Michaud?

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