Video – The Chaleur

I have produced a video “The Chaleur” featuring VIA Rail’s passenger train on the Gaspé peninsula in Quebec. SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE BELOW


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The full video runs for 65 minutes and follows the Chaleur from Matapédia to Gaspé in 2007, as well as the combined Ocean and Chaleur from Causapscal to Matapédia in 2009, where the Chaleur proceeded to New Carlisle and turned on the wye.

Here’s a teaser:

Each location is identified in the full video via subtitles and some information on the over 20 different locations is presented. Full run-bys of the trains are shown. The video is not narrated.

The full video is available for download for CAD $14.99 – or for rent for CAD $4.99 -at GumRoad.

Highlight Video

A “highlight” video is also available that shows the best locations on the trip through the Gaspé Peninsula. The running time is 32 minutes and features many beautiful locations. It is a subset of the full video.

The Chaleur at Port Daniel

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