CN Winnipegosis Subdivision

Grain elevator formerly on the CN Winnipegosis subdivision
Grain elevator in Winnipegosis, MB

The CN Winnipegosis subdivision ran from near Sifton to Winnipegosis, Manitoba.

This light branch line survived intact until the early 1980s. Mixed train service on the subdivision continued until April 19, 1977 when mixed train 284 returned to Dauphin, MB with locomotive CN 1055 (a GMD1), combine CN 7201, a caboose, 5 loaded cars and 2 empty cars (source: Mark Perry article in the November 1996 Branchline magazine).

The Fork River-Winnipegosis section was ordered to be abandoned effective March 14, 1983. Contractors removed the 10.4 miles in the summer of 1985.

The last portion of the CN Winnipegosis subdivision from Sifton Junction (Dauphin) to Fork River was listed for discontinuance on May 31, 1997.

The following is from the April 24, 1977 timetable #72.

MileageStationsSiding (feet)
Junction with CN Cowan subdivision
Grain elevator
20.3National Grain Co. spur406

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