CN Long Distance Trains in New Brunswick

CN operates several long-distance trains that run through New Brunswick. They are:

    • CN 120/121 between Toronto, ON and Halifax, NS
    • CN 305 between Moncton, NB and Toronto, ON
    • CN 308 between Toronto, ON and Moncton, NB
    • CN 405/406 between Moncton, NB and Saint John, NB
    • CN 407/408 between Moncton, NB and Dartmouth, NS


Trains 120/121

Train 120 runs from Toronto to Halifax, and 121 runs from Halifax to Toronto. 120 and 121 handle container traffic.

Recently in 2008 the power on 121 from Halifax to Moncton would return on train 120.

In 2008 and possibly 2009 some 120/121 trains ran with engines in Distributed Power Unit (DPU) mode, meaning that one or more engines were located amongst the container cars rather than up at the front. This practice continued for several months then was apparently discontinued.

CN 120 at Halifax, NS 2004/04/22CN 5676 and 2511 bring CN 120 to Rockingham Yard in Halifax, NS on April 22, 2004.


Trains 148/149

Train 148 used to run from Chicago to Halifax, and 149 used to run from Halifax to Chicago. 148 and 149 handled container traffic but often had a few boxcars or other non-container cars on the head end. The non-container cars originate or terminate on the Halifax side of Halifax Harbour, and Windsor & Hantsport interchange traffic.

148 and 149 were replaced by trains 122 and 123 in 2008. 122 and 123 were canceled later in 2008.

CN 149 near Plaster Rock, NB 2005/07/09

CN 5653, CSX 8666 and CN 2602 on CN 149 approach the Salmon River trestle near Grand Falls, NB on July 9, 2005.


Trains 305 and 308

Train 308 runs from Toronto, Ontario to Moncton, NB, and 305 runs from Moncton to Toronto. They handle general merchandise, including boxcars, tank cars, autoracks and sometimes container cars.

CN 305 at McGivney, NB 2004/08/06
CN 5749 and 5778 lead CN 305 early in the morning at McGivney on August 6, 2004.

CN 5606 leads CN 306 through McGivney on May 22, 2004.


Trains 405/406

Train 405 runs from Saint John, NB to Moncton, NB, and 406 runs from Moncton to Saint John. They handle general merchandise, including boxcars, tank cars, autoracks and sometimes container cars.

Train 405 runs from Saint John to Moncton in the afternoon, then the power returns to Saint John with train 406 early the next day. Often the engines on 405/406 will stay the same for a week or more.

In 2009 CN changed the schedule and train number. CN 406 departs Moncton early in the morning, and returns from Saint John later in the same day with the same train number, 406.

CN 405 leaves Saint John on January 10, 2009.


Trains 407/408

Train 408 runs from Moncton to Dartmouth, and 407 runs from Dartmouth to Moncton. They handle general merchandise, including boxcars, tank cars, and autoracks.

407 and 408 do the same kind of engine swaps that 405 and 406 do.

CN 308 at Deersdale, NB 2007/08/03

CN 5519 leads CN 308 at Deersdale, NB on August 3, 2007.

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