CP Lac Du Bonnet Subdivision

The CP Lac Du Bonnet subdivision runs from Molson, MB 10.2 miles through Beausejour, MB. The majority of the subdivision was purchased by the Lake Line Railroad in 2012.

This line was originally built by the Dominion Government (of Canada) as a portion of the Pacific Railway, the first attempt at a trans-continental railway before the Canadian Pacific Railway. The line was opened for traffic in May 1880 and the CPR took it over on October 21, 1880.

The portion of the line between Beasejour and Birds Hill (about 21 miles) was abandoned in 1987 after seeing no traffic since 1981.

Junction with CP Keewatin subdivision
1.08End of CP track. Start of Lake Line Railroad
10.2End of Track

The maximum speed limit on the CP Lac Du Bonnet subdivision is 25 MPH. Cars over 268,000 lbs are restricted to 10 MPH.

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