CP Winnipeg Beach Subdivision

The CP Winnipeg Beach subdivision runs from Winnipeg, MB north toward Gimli, MB. At one point the line reached to Riverton. This branch line was in danger of being abandoned. In August 2012 a portion of the subdivision north of Selkirk was purchased by the new Manitoba shortline, the Lake Line Railroad.

Mile Station Siding
0.0 RUGBY (Winnipeg yard)
Junction with CP Carberry subdivision
0.1 Junction with CP Arborg subdivision
19.7 Gerdau Manitoba Rolling Mills
26.13 End of CP track. Start of Lake Line Railroad
36.9~ NETLEY
Grain elevator
55.0 GIMLI
58.0 End of Track

The maximum speed limit on the CP Winnipeg Beach subdivision is 25 MPH. Cars over 220,000 pounds must have spacer cars between them at mile 52.9. There are several other weight restrictions in the employee timetable.

The subdivision operates under the Occupancy Control System (OCS) between Rugby and mile 18.8, and also between mile 22.1 and the Gimli station name sign.