Buctouche and Moncton Railroad Company

Author: Art Clowes

Incorporated1883 (M&B 46 Vic. Cap 78)
Mileage29.94 miles

The Buctouche and Moncton Railway, later the Moncton and Buctouche Railway, connected with the European and North American Railway between September 1, 1887 and January 1, 1965. Between 1888 and 1914 it also had a diamond crossing of the Intercolonial Railway since the Moncton & Buctouche Railway extended its line across the marshes into the eastern end of Moncton. Near its Moncton station it joined the Moncton Wharf Branch. In the latter years of this extension, the Moncton Street Railway used the Moncton & Buctouche for some suburban service.

From Buctouche Junction, the Moncton & Buctouche extended 29.94 miles to the village of Buctouche, on the Northumberland Strait.

On May 20, 1918 the federal government made provision to acquire the M&B for $70,000 to be absorbed into the Canadian Government Railways system. Effective August 10, 1914, the Buctouche trains commenced using the Intercolonial Railway station in Moncton.

Canadian National Railway obtained regulatory permission to abandon its operations to Buctouche effective January 1, 1965. Under this decision CN retained 1.7 miles of its Buctouche Subdivision extending from Buctouche Junction. This trackage has been renamed the Humphrey Spur and today the junction is simply Humphrey. The Humphrey spur has had a number of extra tracks constructed from it in recent years and serves one of Moncton’s industrial parks.