Campbellton was the headquarters of the New Brunswick East Coast Railway. The shop was run by Eastern Railway Services, and performed repairs and maintenance on the NBEC and CFMG fleets. Since the purchase of NBEC by CN, the shops are used for occasional car repair only, and they were finally closed in late May 2013.
Local industry in the area includes a wood transload facility in the yard, the large paper mill in Atholville not far from town, and a short siding for Irving Oil.

Campbellton Yard, car control

A track diagram of the Campbellton yard.

CC02 7240 Team Track
CC03 6700 Siding
CC04 5410 Siding
CC05 2395 Siding
CC06 2165 Siding
CC07 1945 Siding
CC19 240 Transloading
CC18 785 Scrap loading, lead to CC21-22
CC20 545 Storage
CC21 1420 Repair Track #1
CC22 1300 Repair Track #2
CC23 535 Repair Track Diesel
CC50 550 O.C.S. Track
CC51 365 Express Shed #1
CC52 655 Express Shed #2

ERS inspection track

ERS’s inspection track CC23 with NBEC 6904 on it, 2003/10/06.

ERS table

The area in ERS’s shop where they removed/installed traction motors (track CC21). This equipment came from VIA’s Halifax maintenance center. On October 6, 2003 NBEC 4214 was there.

Campbellton Yard equipment

A lineup of equipment by the Armour trucking facility in the yard (track CC51). Left to right:

  • NBEC 55419 and 55420, snowplows;
  • NBEC 50955, Jordan spreader;
  • NBEC 56201, flanger;
  • NBEC 1809, RS-18 stored for parts;
  • NBEC 4219, C-424 stored for parts.

Irving Oil siding
The Irving Oil Limited siding in Campbellton.