Dalhousie sits on the northern shore of New Brunswick. One can usually see the Gaspe peninsula (part of the province of Quebec) across the Bay of Chaleur. Dalhousie was a two-industry town, centered around the now-closed pulp mill and chemical plant PCI (Pioneer Chemicals). It does not currently have any rail service, although the rails are in place as of late 2008.

The NB Power power plant in Dalhousie used to burn coal from Minto, New Brunswick. The coal would be brought up by rail to Dalhousie Junction, a few miles outside the town, and trucked from there. The power plant was converted to burn oil, and was demolished in 2015.

I took this video of the NBEC local train on October 6, 2003. They were finished on the Dalhousie subdivision and were heading back to Campbellton.

NBEC 1857, Dalhousie

NB East Coast 1857 (RS-18) switching boxcars at the pulp mill, May 3, 1999.