McAdam has a long history of railroading. At present, it houses an NB Southern yard and a large preserved station.

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McAdam Station

The main feature of McAdam is the large CP station.

McAdam Station

McAdam station from across the pond.


The lunchroom inside the station. (July 1, 2000)


NB Southern maintains a yard in McAdam. The tracks to the right go to the engine servicing track (mostly for refueling). There is a small building, often with maintenance-of-way equipment in front of it.

A spur track to the right continues on to a wallboard plant and on to St. Stephen.

Caboose CP 436504

CP 436504 is preserved below the station. It was built in 1913, and was possibly originally CP 436534. A large wooden conductor is visible to the left.


A touching monument erected by CP to remember their workers who died in war. That’s me in the photograph, back when I had hair. The photograph was taken by my oldest son, then age 4.

Station roof

A closer view of the roof.