CFMG 6909

CFMG 6909 (Chemin de Fer de Matapedia et Golf) was an SD40, formerly CN 5070 (class GF-30d). It was built in 1968, leased to the Quebec Railway Corporation for use on the NBEC, retired from CN on January 22, 1999, and rebuilt by Alstom by the spring of 1999 for CFMG.

6909 belonged to the CFMG (Chemin de Fer de Matapedia et Golf) but was often seen on the NBEC. Both the NBEC and CFMG were owned by the Quebec Railway Corporation until it was purchased by CN. CFMG 6909 was scrapped in Alabama.

6909, Campbellton. Photo by Paul Campbell.
6909 in Campbellton, NB. Photo by Paul Campbell, used with permission.
CFMG 6909, Miramichi
CFMG 6909 in the Miramichi yard.
CFMG 6909, Beresford
6909 at Beresford, NB on July 18, 2006.
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