NB East Coast Railway NBEC 1841

NBEC 1841 is an MLW RS-18. It was built by MLW as CP 8750 in March 1958, and rebuilt in 1987 and renumbered to CP 1841. It was purchased by the NBEC in April 1998.

1841 was sent to Canadian Allied Diesel in late 1999 for changeout of its main generator. It was sent to Montreal April 27, 2001 for repairs to its compressor drive coupling, but a bad engine bearing was discovered. At last report in August 2001 it was “stored at St-Joachim (east of Beaupre) on Charlevoix Railway since mid-June.” In September 2003 it was reported to still be at St-Joachim with a bad order main generator and bad order engine bearing.NBEC 1841, Miramichi

NBEC 1841 in the Miramichi yard, February 13 2001.

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