NB East Coast Railway NBEC 1857

NBEC 1857 was an MLW RS-18 built as CP 8766 in April 1958 for Canadian Pacific. It was rebuilt in April 1989 and renumbered to CP 1857 before being sold to NBEC in April 1998.

It was NBEC’s only RS-18 painted in NBEC colours (black with white lettering). It was sent to Montreal December 15, 2001 for a new main generator.

1857 at Campbellton, 2004/02/28. Photo by Luc Doiron, used with permission.
NBEC 1857, Loggieville Spur
1857 leading a local train on the Loggieville Spur, February 23, 2005. Photo by Tim Dryden, used with permission.
NBEC 1857, Miramichi
1857 at Miramichi, February 9, 2005.
NBEC 1857, Dalhousie
1857 at Dalhousie, May 3, 1999.