Stewart Southern

Stewart Southern 2212
Stewart Southern 2212

The Stewart Southern Railway is a shortline railroad operating in Saskatchewan between Regina and Stoughton. It began operations in August 2010 as a grain hauler, based in Fillmore, SK. It was owned by Blair Stewart and a group of investors, including SeaRice, a subsidiary of Seaboard Corp.

As the Bakken oil field came online a few years later, Crescent Point Energy built an oil transload facility just outside Stoughton and the Stewart Southern gained significant crude oil traffic in the beginning of 2012. The Stewart Southern is also in the car storage business.

On November 1, 2018, Watco began operating the Stewart Southern.

The Stewart Southern operates on much of the former CP Tyvan subdivision, at one time the longest piece of straight track in the world.

Mile Station Notes
End of track, 1.1 miles south Pioneer grain elevator
0.0 STOUGHTON Grain elevator
?? Crescent Point oil transload Yard
15.9 CREELMAN Grain elevator
22.9 FILLMORE Grain elevator
31.3 OSAGE Grain elevator
47.4 FRANCIS Grain elevator
55.5 SEDLEY Grain elevator
63.5 LAJORD Transload facility
71.2 KRONAU Grain elevator
79.8 RICHARDSON Legumex Walker
80.1 Junction with CP

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