Operating Canadian Steam Engines

Operating Canadian Steam Trains

By Pat and David Othen, used with permission

A variety of steam engines are still operated by private, public and volunteer groups across Canada who are striving to provide the sights, sounds and smells of working steam engines to people who have never experienced (or have forgotten) their use as a major mode of transportation for both people and freight.  
Video of Shay #1 at the BC Forest Discovery Centre

On the left we see volunteer engineer Brian Nicol oiling the connecting rods of the three vertical cylinders of the Shay and on the right we see engineer Bob Symington at the controls of the narrow gauge Shay.

Brian Nicol oiling the connecting rods
Bob Symington at the controls

Kettle Valley Railway

CPR 3716 was moved to the Kettle Valley Railway from BC Rail and is now their principal operating steam locomotive. 

Prior to its arrival they used Shay #3 which at the time was the second operating Shay locomotive in BC and also comes from Vancouver Island. It was originally owned by the Mayo Lumber Company and was their #3. It was rebuilt by the staff at the BC Forest Museum before going to the restored Kettle Valley Railway.

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