Canadian Trains with Sleeper Cars

There are three Canadian trains that have sleeper cars:

  1. the VIA Rail “Canadian” between Toronto and Vancouver,
  2. the Winnipeg-Churchill train, and
  3. the VIA Rail “Ocean” between Montreal and Halifax.

The Canadian Train

VIA Rail's "Canadian" in a golden sunrise
VIA Rail’s “Canadian” in a golden sunrise

The VIA Rail “Canadian” is one of the best sleeper trains in the world. With classic stainless steel cars, dome cars and onboard dining, you can get a lot of luxury without breaking the bank.

The Canadian offers several different ways of traveling across Canada:

  • Riding coach (sleeping in a chair)
  • Sleeping in a bunkbed-style bed
  • Sleeping in a private cabin
  • Prestige class (upgraded Manor or Park car)

Riding coach is fine for short trips of a few hours, but it would get pretty uncomfortable traveling several days between Vancouver and Toronto this way!

The Canadian is one of two Canadian trains through the Rockies.

The Winnipeg to Churchill Train

VIA Rail train
VIA Rail’s Churchill train

Many people take the train to Churchill to experience the polar bears, beluga whales and beautiful Northern Lights. You can only get to Churchill by train or by plane.

The Ocean Train

The VIA Rail "Ocean" train at Aulac, NS
The VIA Rail “Ocean” train at Aulac, NS

Travel to the ocean on the Ocean, Canada’s longest running named train. This train departs Montreal and Halifax three times per week and runs through Nova Scotia, northern New Brunswick and Quebec on its route.

The Ocean features Renaissance coaches, dining cars and sleeper cars.

(More information on the VIA Rail Ocean)

Chateau Cars

Chateau Viger car
Chateau Viger car

The Chateau cars offer upper/lower berths (similar to bunkbeds), single bedrooms, double bedrooms, a triple bedroom, 2 common washrooms and a common shower (floor plan). The staggered windows in the picture above are where the upper/lower berths are.

The Chateau cars are common on the Canadian but rarely travel on the Ocean.

Manor Cars

Hearne Manor car
Hearne Manor car

The Manor cars offer double rooms with upper and lower berths, small roomettes for single passengers with a “Murphy” bed, double rooms with upper and lower berths, and convertible “sections” that convert from seats during the day to upper and lower berths for sleeping.

Park Cars

Assiniboine Park car
Assiniboine Park car

The Park cars offer the best views on the train. The view from the dome is spectacular, and you can sit in the “bullet lounge” at the tail end of the train and watch the world roll away behind the train.

Regular Park cars feature one triple bedroom and three double bedrooms (each with a private washroom), dome seating, a common washroom, a bar and the panoramic “bullet” lounge.

A view of the lounge area of Strathcona Park
A view of the lounge area of Strathcona Park

Renaissance Sleepers

Renaissance sleeper car 7506
Renaissance sleeper car 7506

The Renaissance cars run between Halifax and Montreal on the Ocean train. Each sleeper car features ten double rooms, each with a private bathroom and half with a private shower.

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