State of Survival

Mobile game State of Survival is a zombie survival game that ends up being a tower defense, team type game. There is a strong story line at the beginning showing your character recruiting others for their team, and eventually building and expanding a home base while fighting off zombies.

Once your base is established, it’s time to level up your facilities and join a team. With your team you can take on bigger enemies and fight other teams.

My biggest beef with this game was the team fighting. It is entirely possible for other players to come loot your base, unless you spend a lot of time and effort to build up your defences and immunities enough to resist incursions from other players.

That aside, it’s a pretty fun game. I played it for a while and then deleted it because I couldn’t spare the time to play it on a regular basis.

Here’s my video review.

Download the iOS or Android version.

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