CN Car Control Manual – 1983/06 – Halifax, Dartmouth, Bridgewater and Area

Halifax, Dartmouth, Bridgewater and Area Car Control Manual

This book is for the information and guidance of Yardmasters, Yardmen, Foremen,
Conductors, Trainmen and Yard Office staff. It is the property of the Railway
and is to be returned on request.


General Superintendent Transportation
Moncton, N.B

June 1983



Title Page1
How Car Control Works4
General Procedures 
A – Switch Lists5
B – Making of Switch Lists8
C – Special Handling Description13
Spins, Designation & Diagrams 
Zone RH Rockingham Yard14-15
Zone RG Rockingham Yard16-17
Zone FV Fairview & Armdale18-19
Zones RZ & FC Basin Yard20-21
Zones RY, H9 & RW (Richmond Yard, Pier 9 & Deepwater Yard)22-23
Zone RW Willow Park24-25
Zones HA, HB, HC, HE, HL, HN, HO, H2, H3, H4, HP, HR, H5, HT, H.O.T. Yards & Piers26-38
Zone DF Windsor Jct. Yard39-40
Zone DF Bedford Quarry & Bedford41-42
Zone DD Waverly, Bog, Burnside & Wright’s Cove43-44
Zone DW Industrial Park45-47
Zone DD Dartmouth Yard48-49
Zone DU Dartmouth & Imperoyal50-51
Zone DA Autoport, Texaco & DU Lawrencetown52-53
Zone DU Dartmouth Sub. Seaforth to Kent54-55
Zone DU Upper Musquodoboit56-57
Zone BJ Summit to Bowaters Mersey58-63
Zone BK Bridgewater Yard64-65
Zone BR Michelin Tire Mfg. Co.66-67
Zone BM Texaco Canada to Liverpool68-71



The instructions contained in this manual will govern operations in the territory under
Car Control. All personnel affected by the Car Control program are expected to familiarize
themselves with these instructions and are required to have a copy available while on duty.

Special or supplementary instructions will be issued by proper authority when required.

For the System to work, all car moves or changes in condition must be recorded and reported
to car control. All reports must be based on the designated spins numbers shown on the
attached schematic maps. Since demurrage
bills will be set on information submitted, all reports must be correct especially time of
“placements”, “constructive placements”, and “set-offs”.

The Car Control Centre is the main contact for customers to order cars, release cars or
arrange placement. Toll free telephone facilities are provided for this contact. When
customers arrange car moves, full details of the request and the person making the request
must be recorded for reference should there be a demurrage dispute or other complaint.




For better yard and siding control by rapid and accurate listings of car locations and conditions.

For better service to customers through prompt placement and removal of loads and empties.

For better utilization of cars and public siding through prompt car movement and faster collection
of empties after release.

For improved and up-to-date records of car placements and movements.


The Carload Centre maintains a computer inventory of every car on all tracks and sidings within its
territory, i.e., “Yard Inventory System”.

Information pertaining to a change in each car’s status and location is transmitted to the computer
as the event occurs.

Current computer car records are used to prepare switch lists and other documents for yard and
train operations.




1. The Yard Foreman & Conductors will receive one or more copies of each switch list depending on requirement.

a. The hard-back copy must be completed & returned to the Car Control section or designated location.

b. The paper copies can be discarded after the switching has been performed.

2. Switch lists will contain cars which must be handled. The lists will show where the cars are to be taken from
and where they are to be placed at.

3. Each customer or yard track is assigned a zone, track, & spot number which is defined by the
acronym “SPINS”.

a. The zone is made up of two positions as follows:

(i) An alphabetic & a numeric character, or,

(ii) Two alphabetic characters.

b. The track number is always two positions numeric.

c. The spot or spot range can be either numeric or alphabetic and may identify certain
special switching instructions.


(i) The following SPOT indications are to identify specific switching instructions:

00 [infinity] – Car left on or to be left on the lead

90 – Place cars any order

91 – Place car at 1st special unloading area from North or East end of track

92 – Place car at 2nd special unloading area from North or East end of track

93 – For local application as required

94 – For local application as required

95 – Place car at open area where not possible to identify spot number

96 – Place car at storage area of track

97 – Place car at Team Track area of track

98 – Industry will furnish list

99 – Place car on stop block

(ii) Double alphabetic spot characters will identify Team Track Customers with the exception of any spot starting
with character “X” which is used for special computer processing.

4. To assist in train make-up of outbound or through traffic, a three digit number is used to identify such
traffic and is identified by the acronym “TAG” number.


(a) The 980-999 TAG series is used to identify “Car Handling Required” for cars located at a line station
as outlined below:

NumberCar Handling Required
980Bring Car to Terminal
981Send/Take Car North
982Send/Take Car South
983Send/Take Car West
984Send/Take Car East
985Leave Car at Junction
987)Local Meanings
989Bring Car to North or West Terminal
990Bring Car to South or East Terminal
991Pull Car, Leave on Passing Track to move North
992Pull Car, Leave on Passing Track to move South
993Pull Car, Leave on Passing Track to move West
994Pull Car, Leave on Passing Track to move East
995Pull Car, Leave at Junction
997)Local Meanings



1. a. Cars not in the track

If a car appears on the switch list, but is not in the track indicated and cannot be found
elsewhere, stroke that car off the list by putting a line through it.

b. Cars not moved as instructed

If a car is moved to a track other than the one shown on the
switch list, or for some reason it is a “throw back” to the track it came out of:

(i) Cross out the track number where the car should have gone.

(ii) Write in the track number where the car was left and the reason.

c. Repetitive Information

Where the track number or the same place or pull times can be used against a list of cars:

(i) Check marks may be used for repetitive information, but should be distinct.

(ii) A vertical line may be used for repetitive information, but should be distinct.


      (iii) DO NOT USE ditto marks (“).

d. Returning Switch Lists to Car Control Section

(i) The marked hard-back copy of switch lists must be returned to the Car Control section.

(ii) Any switch lists prepared manually by the Yard Foreman and those supplied by
Industries must also be forwarded to the Car Control section.

e. Identification on Switch Lists

The Yard Foreman must sign each switch list prior to returning it to the Car Control section.

f. Maintaining Sequence of Yard Tracks

In order to provide switch lists of yard tracks in sequence listing, it will be
necessary for the Foreman to advise the Car Control Section of the order in which cars were handled.

(i) If the cars are switched from the opposite direction to that shown on the switch list,
this should be noted on the lists.

(ii) If the track is switched in more than one cut, the cuts should be identified by
drawing a line across the page and shown as “Cut 1”, “Cut 2”, etc.


      (iii) If cars are thrown back on the original track or temporarily held out to
facilitate the switching and it disrupts the sequence, the Car Control section must be notified of what happened.

g. Reporting Work Completed

In order for Car Control to keep up to date and be prepared to provide switch
lists for other crews as soon as required, it will be necessary to report some moves upon their completion even
though the Foreman records the track number on his switch list.

(i) The Foreman working within train yards will inform the Car Control
section of what he has done, on completion of each list.

(ii) The Foreman bringing cars in from Industrial Zones to train yards will inform
the Car Control section as to where the cars were left or what switching was performed with these cars.

(iii) The Foreman will indicate the reasons for not performing assigned switching
on the appropriate car line of the switch list; i.e., gates locked, truck blocking track, dirty car, etc.


2. Train Yard Procedures

a. Switching Not Completed

If for any reason work assigned on the switch list cannot be completed:

(i) Draw a horizontal line after the last car handled.

(ii) Draw a bracket to cover the list of cars not handled and write “NOT HANDLED”.

(iii) If the cars not handled are left in a track other than the one shown
on the switch list, show the new track number where the cars were left.

3. Industrial Zone Procedures

a. Cars spotted for loading/unloading

(i) Show the time car was placed.

(ii) If the car was placed at a location other than that shown in the
“Place At” field of the switch list:

(a) Draw a line through the SPINS where the car should have gone.


            (b) Write in the new track where the car was spotted.

b. Loads and Empties Pulled from Siding

(i) Show the time car was pulled.

(ii) If the car was not brought to the train yard, show the SPINS
where car was left.

c. Cars Constructively Placed or Placed Off Spot

(i) Draw a line through the SPINS where the car should have gone.

(ii) Write in the new track (SPINS) where the car was left.

(iii) Show the time placement attempt was made.

(iv) Give a short explanation of why the car could not be spotted,
e.g., gates locked, frozen switch, etc.


If the car was left “off spot” on the track where it should have been
left disregard (i) and (ii) above; write the words “off spot” and the reason.

d. Cars and Request Moves Now Shown on Switch Lists

If a car is moved and it does not appear on the switch list, record the car moved
either on the switch list supplied, or on a separate form showing:


      (i) Car Initials and Numbers

(ii) Load/Empty Status

(iii) Track (SPINS) taken from

(iv) Time Pulled/Placed

(v) Track (SPINS) where placed

This also applies to customer requests to move a car, which was placed for loading or
unloading, to another “spot” on the same track or to another “track” within his plant.


CANReject Car – Either Unsuitable Contents or Cancelled
COMPlacard Group 5 – Flammable 3.3
CRPCaution – Residual Phosphorous
DIMDimensional Load
DNHDo Not Hump
FEFront End Car (Next to Engine)
H__Heating, Venting, Icing Instructions
HTRHeater(s) in Empty Car
KMRKeep Mechanical Refrigeration Running
LHVHigh Value Load
L__Livestock Last Loaded Data
MARSpecial Marshalling required (cannot be marshalled bearing SCH special handling)
MICMessenger in Charge
MREMechanical Refrigeration
OHCOperating Heating/Cooling Device
PBCPerishable in Box Cars
PFGPoison Gas Flammable
PLTPartially Loaded Tank Car
POGPoison Gas
P__Pool Number
RAMRadio Active Material
RERear End Car (handle next to caboose)
REJReject Car – Either Placed Wrong Location or Unfit for Loading
SCHSingle cut hump shove to rest this car and following car (applies to cars containing
compressed flammable gas)
SPDSpecial Dangerous – 35 MPH – CTC Order R-32791
UOSUnload from one side
V__Venting Instructions
WTBWeight on Track & Bridges (High-Weight)
___May also contain free form special handling instructions or Car Distribution Instructions




SpinsDesignationUsable Footage
RH01Van Siding – B1415
RH02Scale Track – B22045
RH03Storage Track – B31365
RH04Storage Track – B41470
RH05Storage Track – B51570
RH06Storage Track – B61940
RH07Storage Track – B72135
RH08Storage Track – B82345
RH09Storage Track – B92560
RH10Storage Track – B102560
RH11Haul in Track – B112640
RH12Haul in Track – B122630
RH13Haul in Track – B132620
RH14Storage Track – B142590
RH15Storage Track – B152405
RH16Storage Track – B162415
RH17Storage Track – B172220
RH18Storage Track – B182060
RH19Storage Track – B191980
RH20Storage Track – B20985
RH21Storage Track – B21900





SpinsDesignationUsable Footage
RG01Train Makeup Track – A14040
RG02Train Makeup Track – A23815
RG03Train Makeup Track – A33680
RG04Storage Track – A43080
RG05Storage Track – A51825
RG06Storage Track – A62065
RG07Storage Track – A72240
RG08Storage Track – A82220
RG09Storage Track – A92200
RG10Lead & Running Tk. – A102195






SpinsDesignationUsable Footage
FV10Piggyback Ramp455
FV11Piggyback RH 11005
FV12Storage Track RH 21070
FV13Storage Track RH 31070
FV14Storage Track RH 41070
FV15Storage Track RH 5510
FV16Auto Ramp East – Tri-Levels540
FV17ALead & Storage Tk. RH 6 )1180
FV17BAuto Ramp West ) 
FV18OCS Oil Rack290
FV19Storage Track RH 7530
FV20Car Repair Track RH 81160
FV21Car Repair Track RH 9865
FV22Car Repair Track RH 10705
FV23Auxiliary Siding580
FV30Diesel Shop Outward Tk. #11520
FV31Diesel Shop Outward Tk. #2880
FV32Diesel Shop Inward Tk. #1770
FV33Diesel Shop Inward Tk. #2700
FV34OCS Stores Siding300
FV35ASandhouse Track )1400
FV35BPowerhouse Track ) 
FV40AOver Turntable – Inside )3035
FV40BOver Turntable – Outside ) 
FV50HSW Siding840
FV51Ben’s Siding355
FV65Hillis Oil Sales Ltd.125
FV70Simpsons East – Outside655
FV71ASimpsons West – Outside )940
FV71BSimpsons West – Inside ) 
FV90ARothmans )510
FV90BLockharts ) 
FV90CVacant ) 





SpinsDesignationUsable Footage
RZ02Storage Track – B21840
RZ03Storage Track – B31545
RZ04Storage Track – B41580
RZ05Storage Track – B51175
RZ06Storage Track – B61210
RZ07Storage Track – B71000
RZ08Storage Track – B81010
RZ09Storage Track – B9710
RZ10Storage Track – B10725
RZ11Storage Track – B11465
RZ12Storage Track – B12280
RZ13Storage Track – B13280
RZ32Atlantic Speedy Propane180
FC01Fairview Cove Container Terminal1420
FC02Fairview Cove Container Terminal1645
FC03Fairview Cove Container Terminal1555
FC04Fairview Cove Container Terminal1485
FC05Fairview Cove Container Terminal1370
FC06Fairview Cove Container Terminal1525





SpinsDesignationUsable Footage
RY01Storage Track – A11310
RY02Storage Track – A21175
RY03Storage Track – A31155
RY04Storage Track – A41135
RY05Storage Track – A51100
RY06Storage Track – A61075
RY07Storage Track – A71685
RY08Storage Track – A8760
RY09Storage Track – A9645
RY10Storage Track – A10525
RY11Storage Track – A11410
RY12Storage Track – A12290
RY13Storage Track – A12 1/4175
RY15LLead to Shipyards1300
RY40AVacant )915
RY40BVacant ) 
RY40CTexaco Canada Ltd. ) 
RY42Howell Forwarding – B1430
RY43Howell Forwarding – B2500
RY45Union Carbide125
RY46Canadian Petrofina Ltd.690
RY50Shipyards Runaround1525
H901A Berth No. 1490
H902A Berth No. 2785
H911B Berth No. 2 Shed820
H912B Berth No. 1 Shed940
H924C Berth No. 2 Water Tank560
H925C Berth No. 1 Water Tank370

p23 Zone RY and H9 Richmond Yard and Pier 9 and Deepwater




SpinsDesignationUsable Footage
RW10AVacant )885
RW10BVacant ) 
RW10CPublic Service Comm. ) 
RW10DN. S. Tractor ) 
RW12AR.C.A. Victor )285
RW12BHalifax Herald ) 
RW18AVacant )860
RW18BCanfor Ltd. ) 
RW20Bens Ltd. ) 
RW21Short Team Track290
RW22Long Team Track535
RW24Storage & Runaround765
RW25Dominion Metal600
RW26Team Track625
RW27Team Track405
RW28Storage & Lead Track1965
RW29AVacant )440
RW29BVacant ) 
RW30AVacant )355
RW30BVacant ) 
RW31AN.S. Power Corp. (Pole Yd.)930
RW31BVacant ) 
RW31CN.S. Liquor Commission ) 
RW39Side & End Ramp1185
RW41Dept. Nat. Def. – Army605
RW45Dept. Nat. Def. – Army470
RW46Dept. Nat. Def. – Army950
RW48Dept. Nat. Def. – Army425
RW50Domtar Ltd.100
RW60Piercey Supplies (Switch Removed)650
RW61AGoodyear Tire )570
RW61BPiercey Supplies ) 



p38 p42 p44 p47 p49 p51 p53 p55

p57 p59 p61 p63 p65 p67 p69 p71

Page 26


  • HA10 Storage Track – A Spur – 55
  • HA11 Storage Track – A1 Spur – 55
  • HA12 Storage Track – A2 Spur – 130
  • HA13 Storage Track – A3 Spur – 220
  • HA14 Storage Track – A4 Spur – 310
  • HA15 Storage Track – A5 Spur – 405
  • HA16 Storage Track – A6 Spur -500
  • HA17 Storage Track – A7 Spur – 595
  • HA18 Storage Track – A8 Spur – 690
  • HA19 Storage Track – A9 Spur – 760
  • HA20 Storage Track – A10 Spur – 675
  • HA21 Storage Track – A11 Spur – 855
  • HA22 Storage Track – A12 Spur – 765
  • HA23 Storage Track – A13 Spur – 665
  • HA24 Storage Track – A14 Spur – 590
  • HA25 Storage Track – A15 Spur – 480
  • HA26 Dover Mills – 160
  • HA27 Dover Mills – 250

Page 27


  • HB10 Storage Track – B Spur – 160
  • HB11 Storage Track – B1 Spur – 180
  • HB12 Storage Track – B2 Spur – 265
  • HB13 Storage Track – B3 Spur – 350
  • HB14 Storage Track – B4 Spur – 430
  • HB15 Storage Track – B5 Spur – 510
  • HB16 Storage Track – B6 Spur – 780
  • HB17 Storage Track – B7 Spur – 870
  • HB18 Storage Track – B8 Spur – 960
  • HB19 Storage Track – B9 Spur – 105
  • HB20 Storage Track – B10 Spur – 1150
  • HB21 Storage Track – B11 Spur – 1105
  • HB22 Storage Track – B12 Spur – 895

Page 28


  • HC01 OCS Stores – 695
  • HC02 Passenger Car Shop – 200
  • HC03 Passenger Car Shop – 305
  • HC04 Coach Storage – 300
  • HC05 Coach Storage – 755
  • HC06 Coach Storage – 845
  • HC08 Coach Storage – 945
  • HC09 Coach Storage – 1000
  • HC10 Coach Storage – 1030
  • HC11 Coach Storage – 1050
  • HC12 Coach Storage – 1080
  • HC13 Coach Storage – 1115
  • HC14 Coach Storage – 1115
  • HC15 Coach Storage – 855
  • HC16 B & B Dept. – 275
  • HC17 Storage Track  – 240
  • HC18 Car Dept. – 250

Page 29


  • HE10 Storage Track – L1 – 1800
  • HE11 Storage Track – E1 – 970
  • HE12 Storage Track – E2 – 890
  • HE13 Storage Track – E3 – 660
  • HE14 Elevator Dumper – E4 ) 1460
  • HE14E Above Elevator Dumper – E4E)
  • HE14S Above Elevator Dumper – E4S)
  • HE15 Elevator Dumper – E5 ) 1250
  • HE15E Above Elevator Dumper – E5E)
  • HE15S Above Elevator Dumper – E5S)
  • HE16 Storage Track – E6 – 540
  • HE17A Grain Elevator – E7 ) 930
  • HE17B Vacant )
  • HE18A Storage ) 1555
  • HE18B Vacant )
  • HE19A Storage ) 1295
  • HE19B Vacant )

Page 30
“L” YARD – H.O.T.


  • HL12 “R” Yard Lead – L2 – 840
  • HL13 “S – N – A” Yards Lead – L3 – 920
  • HL14 “BL Yard Lead – 925
  • HL15 Storage Track – 925
  • HL16 Storage Track – 1020
  • HL17 Storage Track – 960

Page 31
“N” YARD – H.O.T.


  • HN11 Storage Track – N1 – 370
  • HN12 Storage Track – N2 – 545
  • HN13 Storage Track – N3 – 465
  • HN14 Storage Track – N4 – 415
  • HN15 Storage Track – N5 – 440

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