CN Tormentine Subdivision

The CN┬áTormentine┬ásubdivision was the connection between CN’s main line at Sackville, New Brunswick and the ferry terminal at Cape Tormentine that connected to the railway on Prince Edward Island. This track was abandoned at the end of 1989 and was removed in the next few years.

Mile Station Siding
Junction with CN Springhill Subdivision
12.2 BROOKLYN 2,000
19.9 PORT ELGIN 1,800
27.2 MELROSE 1,400
Ferry to Prince Edward Island, CN Borden Subdivision

The maximum speed limit on the CN Tormentine subdivision was 30 MPH. The maximum car tonnage specified in the employee timetable was 220,000 lbs. at maximum speed, or 220,000 – 250,000 lbs. at a maximum of 25 MPH, or up to 263,000 lbs. at a maximum speed of 15 MPH.

This CN Car Control Manual contains track diagrams for the Tormentine subdivision.

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