CN Dartmouth Subdivision

The CN Dartmouth subdivision runs from Windsor Junction, Nova Scotia to the Autoport in Shearwater. Major customers on the subdivision include the Autoport, the National Gypsum facility at Wrights Cove, and the Imperial Oil refinery in Dartmouth, as well as several customers in the Burnside Industrial Park.

CN trains 307 and 308 run between the yard in downtown Dartmouth and Moncton, NB.

Trains 701 and 703 are dedicated gypsum trains that run loads from National Gypsum’s mine in Milford, NS to Wrights Cove. There are two local trains, one that runs from Dartmouth yard to the end of track at the Autoport, and the other that runs from the yard to the Burnside Industrial Park.


Mile Station Siding
16.25 End of Track
15.1 Imperial Oil refinery
12.5 Dartmouth Yard
10.1 Wrights Cove
Wrights Cove Spur (National Gypsum)
8.72 Burnside Industrial Spur D, 1.2 miles N
8.52 Burnside Industrial Spur B, 0.5 miles N
8.39 Burnside Industrial Spur A, 1.5 miles N
0.2 Windsor Junction
Junction with CN Bedford Sub

The Dartmouth Subdivision is under OCS control except for the 0.2 miles on the CN Bedford Subdivision.

Scanner Frequencies

Channel Frequency
Train Standby Channel 1 161.415
RTC Call-in 3 160.935
Engineering (MOW) 81 160.455

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