Moncton is New Brunswick’s largest city. It is a cosmopolitan, bilingual community. It is known as the “Hub City” because of its central location. It is also the hub of railroading in New Brunswick!

Moncton has one major yard, CN’s large Gordon Yard. It used to have a smaller CN yard in downtown Moncton (where the VIA station is) but that has been removed.


CN used to have a large car repair complex in Moncton, but that was removed in the late 1980s.

CN 4727 and 4729, Moncton
CN GP38s 4727 and 4729 in Gordon Yard.


CN 5270, Moncton
Former CN 5270 in Centennial Park, near Gordon Yard .


CN’s Sussex subdivision starts in Moncton at the Gordon Yard. CN’s Napadogan subdivision heads west out of Moncton and CN’s Springhill subdivision heads east.

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