CP Arcola Subdivision

The CP Arcola subdivision ran from Schwitzer, MB to Redvers, MB. The subdivision is slated to be largely abandoned, with only the first 1.1 miles to be retained (see CP Three Year Network Plan).

The last trains ran on this subdivision in early 2013. Removal of the track started in July 2017. A short portion of the beginning of the subdivision was retained and used for car storage.

Junction with CP Estevan subdivision
61.3End of Track
Former CP Arcola subdivision roadbed in Reston, Manitoba
Former CP Arcola subdivision roadbed in Reston, Manitoba

The maximum speed limit on the CP Arcola subdivision was 30 MPH.

The subdivision operated under the Occupancy Control System (OCS) between mile 2.0 and the station name sign at Redvers. It was rule 105 (non-main track) territory between Redvers and end of track at mile 61.3.

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