CP Russell Subdivision

The CP Russell subdivision ran from Binscarth to Inglis, Manitoba. This branch line was abandoned in 1996.

The following information is from the CP September 25, 1938 employee timetable.

MileStationSiding (cars)
Junction with CP Bredenbury subdivision
11.6Crossing of CN

In 1938 the speed limit over the first 11.5 miles was 30 MPH.

The only recorded time that an SD40-2 locomotive went north of Russell was in 1979, when CP 5639 and a plow was sent to try to clear the snow (source: Clayton Chaloner). The employee timetable specifically prohibited classes DRF-30 (SD40-2) and DRF-36 (M-640) from operating between miles 23.1 and 23.9.

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