CFQC 3000

CFQC 3000 is billed as an RS18-3a. It was originally CP 1864, and became NBEC 1864 before undergoing a major overhaul at the IRSI shops in Moncton.

The overhaul started about August 2003 and ended in May 2004. 1864 was renumbered to SFEX 3000.

SFEX 3000 was relettered on April 13 2005 for the Quebec Railway Corporation, the owners of the NBEC, CFMG and others, and became CFQC 3000.

After the purchase of the Quebec Railway Corporation by CN, CFQC 3000 was purchased by the Compagnie du chemin de fer Lanaudière.

CFQC 3000 at Miramichi, NB on January 10, 2006.
SFEX 3000 with NBEC 1866 in Dalhousie, NB, May 24, 2004. Copyright by Nicholas Kiss.
SFEX 3000 with NBEC 1866 in Dalhousie, NB, May 24, 2004. Copyright by Nicholas Kiss.
3000 in Campbellton, NB shops, April 2005. Copyright by Nicolas Kiss.
3000 in Campbellton, NB shops, April 2005. Copyright by Nicolas Kiss.

NBEC 3000 Upgrades – By Phil Ross

Q-Tron System

A QES-111 Locomotive Performance Enhancement System designed and
built by Q-Tron was installed in this locomotive. A complete rewiring
and re-cabling of the 3000 was done as this system was installed.
Some of the main features of this system are:

    • automatic controlling of the main generator excitation controls;
    • wheel slip/creep controls;
    • transition control; and
    • auto start/shutdown.

Fuel savings will also help lower operating costs with the addition
of the auto start/ shutdown feature. The 3000 will auto start when
water temperature, air pressures or battery voltage drop below a
preset value. The unit will run until all three are within specified


A new bulkhead was constructed between the main generator and the engine
compartment separating these two spaces. This separation of
compartments will help keep the air clean which is drawn through new
air intakes and grillwork installed over the main generator. This
filtered air is used for Traction Motor cooling as air enters at this
location. Pressurized air from the blower is then routed to the
traction motors.
Some of this same pressurized air from the blower is also
rerouted through another set of filters located behind the cab and
then used to pressurize the main electrical cabinet behind the cab of
the locomotive. This positive pressure will help keep computers and
electrical components free of dirt and contaminates. Cooling air for
the main generator is also drawn from this area and is exhausted on
the engine side of the bulkhead. This creates a positive pressure in
this compartment, which exhausted through resized (smaller) filters
near the top of the long hood. These openings provide addition
cooling for dynamic brakes.
One positive note for the train crew is the addition of a ventilation
pipe to the short hood of the unit where the toilet is located. The
pipe is mounted near the suction side of the traction motor blower.
Any foul odors will be drawn out of short hood.


Other external upgrades are 120 pulse/second axle generators to all
axles, self-centering draft gear, and yellow flashing warning lights
at either end of the hoods. These amber beacons will start to flash
with an audible alarm as a warning when unit is about to self-start.
NBEC has compared its pulling power with a standard RS-18 and has
found a 27% increase in the cars it is able to push up a .9%
incline. This is due to the wheel slip/wheel creep control
gained with the Q-Tron system.

Many thanks to Phil Ross of Moncton, NB for his permission to use
this article.

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