New Brunswick East Coast Railway NBEC 1816

NBEC 1816 was an MLW RS-18. It was built by MLW in July 1958 as CP 8799, and rebuilt in 1983 and renumbered to CP 1816. It was sold to the Quebec Gatineau Railway in November 1997, and purchased by the NBEC in February 1999. It arrived in Campbellton December 24, 1999.

NBEC 1816 worked on the Chemin de fer de Charlevoix (CFC) in Quebec for a period of time in early 2006. It returned to the NBEC in the summer of 2006. My last sighting of this locomotive was on October 16, 2007.

After NBEC was sold to CN, the RS-18s were eventually retired. NBEC 1816 was sold to J and L Contracting and was cut up for scrap in the summer of 2009.

NBEC 1816, Miramichi

1816 in Miramichi, September 16, 2006.
NBEC 1816, Chatham
NBEC 1816 at the Ultramar facility in Miramichi, August 7, 2005.
NBEC 1854 and 1816, Newcastle (Miramichi)
NBEC 1854 and 1816 at the port of Miramichi, July 18, 2006.
JLCX 1816 before scrapping, photo by Ken Lanovich

JLCX 1816 before being scrapped in July 2009. Photo by Ken Lanovich.