NB East Coast Railway NBEC 1821

NBEC 1821 is an MLW RS-18 purchased from Canadian Pacific in April 1998. It was built by MLW in April 1957 as CP 8741, and rebuilt in 1984 and renumbered to CP 1821. After the sale of Quebec Railway Systems to CN, NBEC 1821 (along with NBEC 1868) was sold to Le Massif de Charlevoix, a tourist railway outside Quebec City, and became LMCX 1821.

NBEC 1821 at Madran.1821 rounds a curve at Madran, NB, 2007/09/14.

NBEC 1821 and 1845, Bathurst.1821 and NBEC 1845 in the Bathurst, NB yard on May 28, 2007.

NBEC 1821 in Gaspe. Photo by David Morris.1821 and CFQC 3000 in Gaspe meeting the Chaleur, 2008/12/18. Photo by David Morris. Used with permission.

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