NB East Coast Railway NBEC 1868

NBEC 1868 was an MLW RS-18 purchased from Canadian Pacific. It returned from Canadian Allied Diesel in late 1999 after changeout of its main generator. It was sent out again on October 9, 2002 for main generator changeout to Montreal. It was at IRSI in Moncton for new main bearings in December 2004.

After the sale of Quebec Railway Systems to CN, NBEC 1868 (along with NBEC 1821) was sold to Le Massif de Charlevoix, a tourist railway outside Quebec City, and became LMCX 1868. Here’s a few great photos of LMCX 1868: 1 2 3.

1868, Nepisiguit Subdivision, 2007/09/13
1868 at the head of the ore train, Nepisiguit Subdivision, 2007/09/13.
NBEC 1868, near Bathurst, 2007/09/13
NBEC 1868 near Bathurst, 2007/09/13.
NBEC 1868, Bathurst
1868 leaving Bathurst with the ore train.

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