NB East Coast Railway NBEC 4210

NBEC 4210 was an MLW C-424 purchased from Canadian Pacific. It burnt off a journal on August 23, 1999 but fortunately the crew responded quickly and prevented a derailment.

4210 received four new wheels in September 1999. It was sent away to IRSI in Moncton for repair on October 10, 2002 for engine repairs. 4210 was sent to Montreal in May 2003 due to a blown main generator, and had an alternator installed in its place.

NBEC 4210, Miramichi
NBEC 4210 in Miramichi, August 27, 2004.
NBEC 4210, Miramichi
NBEC 4210 in Miramichi.
In 2011 NBEC 4210 went to Allied Services in Chicago, IL and was presumably scrapped.