McAdam Train Station

The train station in McAdam is the largest remaining train station in New Brunswick. It is an imposing stone structure and featured the station area, a hotel, a dining hall and a lunch counter, as well as a baggage area and even a jail.

The current station was built for the Canadian Pacific Railway in phases, starting with the centre section in 1900-1901. Extensions were added on both sides within a decade.

The station served Canadian Pacific Railway passengers until VIA Rail took over passenger service from the CPR in 1978. VIA continued to operate the Atlantic through McAdam until the first cancellation in 1981, and its final cancellation on January 15, 1990.

Today the station is a museum and portions are under restoration. The main passenger waiting area and the dining room and lunch counter have been restored, and several hotel rooms have also been restored.

Inspection train at the McAdam train station
Inspection train at the McAdam train station

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