Port City: Ship Tycoon

The mobile game “Port City” by Pixel Federation is a fun transportation strategy game for your phone or tablet. In this game, you pick up raw materials and bring them to your factories, and ship the manufactured goods to other destinations. To do this, you collect a wide variety of ships and explore new ports.

The game starts in San Francisco, California. The detailed map features recognizable landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Trans-America Pyramid and Alcatraz. During the first few levels, you help complete the Golden Gate and Bay bridges by moving materials around.

After a few levels, the next port, Rotterdam, is unlocked. From there you can move into Scandinavia and Japan once you level up.

Each region features its own suite of ships. In the Rotterdam map, you can acquire ships like the Delta Queen, Rainbow Warrior, or the Queen of the Netherlands. San Francisco includes the USS Charleston, the Lane Victory , and the Ansgir.

You have to choose how to allocate limited resources like ships, dispatchers, and materials to jobs. It’s a balancing act!

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