New Book! Three Days in February

I’ve written a new book! Three Days in February is a compilation of three days of railfanning in February 2020. It features photos and details from railfanning CN and CP and CEMR over the long weekend.

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You might think of this book as one really long blog post. I already wrote about portions of this weekend in The Waiting and Two Oil Trains Meet in a Bar, but a lot of it hasn’t appeared on this site.

I put it together this way to give people an opportunity to read a longer story than they get in one or two blog posts, and also to find a new audience on Amazon that doesn’t visit my site. It’s a bit of an experiment!

The Trains

These are the trains featured over February 15-17:

  • IC 2716 East
  • CN 5725 East
  • CN 5695 West
  • CEMR at Rest
  • CN 5791 East
  • CN 3171 West
  • CP 2325 and 2217
  • CN 8898 West
  • CN 2825 East
  • CP’s Winnipeg yard
  • CP 8937 North
  • CP 8941 South

The Photos

Photos in "Three Days in February"
Photos in “Three Days in February”

That’s right, one of my cats is in the book too.

This book is only available as an eBook on Amazon, through the Kindle app or through a Kindle device. I could offer it as a paperback but I don’t think that format would really suit the material.

You can buy it on Amazon Canada, Amazon US, or probably other Amazon country sites as well by searching for “Three Days in February”.

Thanks for your interest! I’m really excited about this and I look forward to making more of these.