Trains En Passant

I’ve always loved playing chess. When I was in school, I joined the chess club. I used to check chess books out of the library and study them. Spassky, Fischer, Lasker, Kasparov… names I knew well.

I tried playing chess with my kids. It was hard to throttle back and not go for checkmate every time! As they grew older, I’d spot them a queen or a rook to even the field and they would win some.

One chess move that most people don’t use is “en passant“. That’s a tricky little pawn move where you capture an opposing pawn “in passing”.

I was headed to the Prairie Dog Central Railway one Sunday morning when I captured a few trains “en passant”.

Pawn to King ONE

Pink container behind yellow canola field

As I drove around the Perimeter Highway, I noticed an eastbound container train approaching the city. I exited the highway and pulled down a side road, and ran over to put a canola field between me and the train. I love canola, both for photography and as a cooking oil.

Knight to King’s Rook 9822


As I arrived at the CP Carberry subdivision, I noticed that the signal lights over at the west end of Makwa siding were lit – red. I drove west and looked at the west-facing side – flashing yellow over red. Promising!

Within a few minutes, it switched to green over red and I saw a headlight far to the west.

It turned out to be CP 9822 East leading a general freight train.

I wasn’t thrilled with the approach shot – a generic “wedgie” – but I thought the going away shot with the elevator and signals had more potential.

Knocking down the green

Here’s the video of that CP train.

Queen Side Castle

Canola and tank cars

I saw an eastbound CP tank train as I was driving away from the Prairie Dog Central’s shops at Inkster Junction. It had boring red locomotives at both ends so I decided to focus on the canola again.

I’m glad that the crops are finally growing here in Manitoba after such a wet spring. Word is that they are a little sparse; hopefully the rest of the growing season is ideal and the farmers can get a decent crop. The world needs food.


I’ve been trying Kindle Unlimited on my iPad for reading books. Currently they have a 2 month free trial and I’ve used that to read several books, including Leopard Tanks in Action and Tiny Habits. I just read The Queen’s Gambit by Walter Tevis… more chess! (Great book, by the way)

If you purchase something from Amazon using my links, I get a small commission at no additional cost to you.

You can read books on your computer with Kindle, too; you don’t need a tablet, although I like holding a tablet a lot more than holding a laptop…

By the way, I was able to get a third month free by trying to cancel at the end of the two month period…

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