Trains of Newfoundland – Coming Soon!

I’m very excited to hear that Ken Pieroway’s new book, “Trains of Newfoundland“, is due for release this month!

Ken has written several books on railways and trams in Newfoundland, and this one promises to be another great one. You can read my review of Streetcars of St. John’s to see what great work Ken does.

This book from Flanker Press features full-colour photographs of trains on Newfoundland, from 1951 to 1988, taken by such great photographers as James A. Brown, John Freyseng, Bill Linley, Phil Mason, Robert J. Sandusky, Stan J. Smail, and Rich Taylor.

Trains of Newfoundland will be available in soft cover and hard cover editions at very reasonable prices.

Trains of Newfoundland back cover

Here are some places to order it, or buy it when it comes out on September 23:

Reserve yours today! I’m reserving mine.